Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Your Child’s Lovey

Children love to explore everything new before them. Because of this trait, they tend to get dirtier than most adults since digging through dirt and muck sounds far more enjoyable to them than it does to you. If they bring their favorite stuffed toy to their activities, it can get dirty quickly. But following these cleaning tips and tricks for your child’s lovey will go a long way in keeping it spotless.

Be Gentle

You might multitask and toss your child’s lovey in with the rest of your garments if you tend to think dirty clothes are all the same and never switch between washing cycles. Unfortunately, your time-saving efforts may lead to a bigger problem that could damage the comfort object.

Before you even fiddle with the settings on your washing machine, place the lovey in a pillowcase to protect it from losing shape or tearing in the wash after you go over it with a spot cleaner. Use mild detergent and flip the knob to delicate on the washer. Following these steps, and allowing it to air dry, should result in a clean lovey. Once it’s dry, rearrange its stuffing to get it back into shape.

Soda & Shake

It seems like baking soda can fix nearly anything. Almost every home remedy involves baking soda, from unclogging your kitchen sink to removing stains. Regarding a spotless and sanitary lovey, baking soda can be a nice alternative if you don’t want to put it in the washing machine. You can add vinegar to the mix if you want to go the extra mile, but it isn’t necessary.

Pour a small amount of baking soda into a bag with the lovey inside. After the lovey is secure in the bag, shake it as if it were a bottle of lemonade. Let it sit for approximately 30 minutes to let the baking soda work its magic. After your timer goes off, dust the lovey. Doing so should lead to a clean, fresh-smelling comfort toy.

Spread Out Your Cleanings

Akin to watering a plant too much and watching it die, washing a lovey too much could cause it to come apart. Do your best to space out thorough cleanings. A spot clean here and there is more than adequate during the week, but spread out the deep cleans accordingly. The only caveat to consider is when your child is ill. Once they start to feel better, you should sneak off with their lovey so you can refresh it and free it of any germs.

Getting the Lovey

Washing a lovey is only half the battle, which could be the easiest thing you do. Getting the lovey away from your child to wash it can prove to be challenging. Children will protect their personalized lovey like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, making it nearly impossible to keep it from them for an extended period.

You can circumvent the potential meltdown coming your way using several methods. Keep a pile of backup loveys so you can give one to your little one when their primary buddy is bathing. Doing this will help keep them from looking for their lovey if you attempt to sneak off with it while they’re eating. However, the best option is to have your little one help you clean their lovey. Doing this together could be a joyful activity for both of you.

Remembering these cleaning tips and tricks for your child’s lovey ensures your kiddo isn’t cuddling a giant bacteria trap. After all, you should want your adorable stuffed friend from Bunnies by the Bay to remain pristine. Shop our vast collection of stuffed animals and loveys that will become your kid’s trusted confidant.

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