Reasons To Consider Organic Baby Clothing for Your Newborn

When we hear the word organic, our minds immediately think about our food. However, many other products have organic options to improve one’s health. Organic clothing is one such alternative that’s soft and doesn’t contain potential toxins that can damage your skin. As you’re creating a baby registry to prepare yourself for becoming a parent, you should consider why organic baby clothing is best for your newborn.

Protects the Skin

The first thing you notice when you hold a newborn child is how soft their skin is. People spend hundreds of dollars on lotions and moisturizers to have their skin feel “as soft as a baby’s bottom.” You must go to extraordinary measures to ensure your little one’s skin maintains its smoothness, and organic clothing is a great place to start.

Because their skin is more permeable than an adult’s, it absorbs more of the harsh toxins from certain clothes. But organic apparel must adhere to strict guidelines on the usage of chemicals to earn the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) stamp of approval.

To get the GOTS certification, a product must not contain any chemicals known to cause cancer. Cotton is a natural material known for its softness, naturalness, and breathability. Because it maintains the fiber’s inherent characteristics, organic cotton is the most like the baby’s organic skin.

Environmentally Friendly

The processes used to grow organic cotton are completely nonthreatening to nature, which helps the ultimate mom—Mother Nature—from a cornucopia of pollutants. Cotton farmers vigilantly care for their crops to keep the soil healthy and fruitful for an extended time.

The techniques of farming prevent carbon dioxide from escaping the ground. The cultivation of organic cotton results in 78 percent less emissions of greenhouse gases. The strict standards of GOTS prohibit the use of hazardous chemicals and require all processing facilities to treat their effluent.

Worth the Investment

Like with food, organically produced material does come with a heftier price tag. But organic practices and materials make it possible to enforce industry standards for pay and quality control measures. There is a nonmonetary value in organic clothing that goes beyond your baby’s well-being.

Those who are working in the fields tending to organic cotton are far less likely to fall ill to pesticides that can lead to serious consequences if overexposed to them. The airy, comfortable fabric will let your baby sleep peacefully, and you can relax knowing you made the best decision for your child and everyone involved.

It’s Strong and Durable

There’s one more benefit to consider when you’re considering organic clothing—its durability. The materials and care used to make organic baby clothes tend to be of the highest standard. The resulting clothes are stronger and survive longer than their traditional equivalents because of this. Because of how well they hold up to many washings and use, these clothes are perfect for handing down to younger siblings. You can also keep them as treasured keepsakes for their children down the road.

Next time you’re looking at two articles of clothing, you should consider the reasons for organic baby clothing for your newborn before deciding based on the price tag. Adorable organic clothing options from Bunnies by the Bay always make perfect baby gifts for soon-to-be parents. One second of feeling the soft fabric from our clothes will guarantee that the child will always have safe and soft clothes as they grow up.

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