Second-Baby Gift Ideas That Any Mom Would Love

It might seem easier to think of gifts for first-time mothers and their babies, but the second time around offers unique opportunities. A mom expecting her second child will juggle meeting the needs of her newborn and firstborn children, and the changing family dynamic will bring exciting and challenging times ahead. Show your support, encouragement, and love with second-baby gift ideas that any mom would love.

1. New Outfits

The expectant second-time mom likely saved her first child’s baby outfits, and these gently used hand-me-downs are both wonderful and practical. But giving the second baby new outfits of their own can refresh the wardrobe and spark excitement over the new bundle of joy.

A twist to buying for the second baby is that, unlike with the first, you can buy coordinating outfits for the siblings to wear. Consider outfits with cute sayings about the older and younger siblings. Or, for a more subtle approach, choose outfits in colors and styles that create a picture-perfect look for the duo.

2. Lovey

A lovey is a comfort object that soothes a baby, child, or toddler. Popular loveys include blankets and stuffed toys. Loveys can ease separation anxiety and give kids emotional security that encourages them to explore.

Loveys are a wonderful gift to give a second child because every little one needs their own personal comfort object. Consider giving a lovey that’s both a stuffed toy and a blanket. Bunnies by the Bay offers adorable loveys, including bunnies, bears, lambs, and other friendly stuffed animals.

3. Stuffed Animal for the Firstborn

Help the firstborn child adjust to their new role with a new stuffed animal of their own. Mom can give this toy as a gift from the new sibling. She could also give the firstborn child two toys and let them offer one as a present to their baby sibling when they meet for the first time. Either option includes the firstborn in welcoming the baby. Giving the eldest child their own toy emphasizes that although life is changing, they’re still just as loved and important as ever.

Parents can encourage the firstborn to be gentle with the baby by teaching their child to play gently with the stuffed animal. While adults will always need to supervise children’s interactions with the baby, treating the toy well can help the firstborn understand how they should hold and speak to their new sibling.

4. Practical Essentials

Moms never run out of the need for practical baby essentials. Parents go through items like diapers, formula, wipes, and bottles quickly, and they have to replenish these items often. While every baby is different, the expecting mother learned a lot about products from her experiences with her firstborn. Before you buy anything, it’s a good idea to confirm what items and products she likes and anticipates needing.

5. Meals for the Family

After the new baby arrives, the second-time mom will be short on time and energy, but she’ll still need to eat nutritious meals. You can support her and the entire family with thoughtful meals that are convenient, delicious, and nutritious.

Keep everything simple. Bring the food in containers that they won’t need to return. The meal should be easy to prepare; something she can pop right into the oven works well. Write the name of the meal and any cooking instructions on the container, baggie, or foil. Consider separating the food into portions so that the family can freeze some to save for later.

6. Chime Rattle

The next second-baby gift idea that any mom would love is a chime rattle. Baby will love holding and shaking a soft rattle that makes a sweet chime sound. A chime rattle is a form of interactive play, and babies enjoy mouthing on the soft fabrics.

A chime rattle is especially great if you want to add a playful accent to a gift you’re giving, such as a practical gift of diapers. The chime rattle is a playful present that baby will love, and there are many adorable designs to choose from.

7. Toy Storage Bin

Every parent needs organizational tools, and toy storage bins are one of the best ways to organize a home with two little ones. Larger toy organizers are ideal for bedrooms and great tools for keeping toys in one place. But an easier gift that might be more appreciated is a small fabric bin.

Mom can use a small toy bin to easily carry baby number two’s toys around the house and bring them where they need to be. These small bins don’t take up much space, meaning they aren’t intrusive. Consider using the fabric toy bin as a container for another gift to achieve a cute and practical presentation.

8. Children’s Books

Encourage the newborn’s curiosity and literacy with thoughtful children’s books. Reading is a wonderful family pastime that parents can enjoy with both kiddos. A book for the baby will introduce their new child to an imaginative world. Consider getting a book that comes with a matching toy companion that features in the story.

When choosing the older child’s book, consider books about their growing interests or their new role as an older sibling. The book will be more interesting for them since these topics will apply personally to the child.

9. Baby Blanket

A baby blanket is a classic soft, comforting, and adorable gift. Mom can use the blanket in a lot of ways depending on the shape, size, and fabric. She might use the blanket during tummy time or to keep the baby warm during cuddles. And once the children outgrow the blanket, this gift can make a treasured keepsake.

10. Sleep Sack

Finally, a sleep sack is a comfortable and safe way to keep baby secure and warm. The sleep sack performs similarly to a swaddle, but it doesn’t wrap tightly around the baby’s hips.

If you choose a sleep sack, consider the time of year as you pick out a few different sizes. Sleep sacks are rated for different temperature levels. During warm months, lighter fabric regulates baby’s temperature best. And at colder temps, the baby will need warmer fabric.

Bunnies by the Bay carries a charming selection of custom baby boy gifts. Add an embroidered message to a lovey or blanket for a unique touch. Browse our selection and find the personalized present to welcome baby number two today.

Second-Baby Gift Ideas That Any Mom Would Love

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