Baby Gender Reveal Ideas You'll Love

Congratulations, you are expecting a baby or know someone close to you who is! There are so many fun ways to welcome the wee one to the world, and it all starts while they are still baking in Momma’s belly. From the pregnancy announcement to the gender reveal, baby showers, and the welcoming of baby home from the hospital you will want to celebrate these momentous occasions with the ones that you love.

Gender Reveal party

Learning whether you are expecting a boy or a girl and finding ways to announce the sex of the baby is quickly trending its way to the top of the "what to do when expecting" list, and should not be overlooked. With gender reveals increasing in popularity, the days of simply learning the gender of your baby from your doctor or ultrasound technician are slowly fading, and a new era of sharing the surprise and celebration with family and friends are taking its place. from colored smoke bombs, gender reveal cakes, and balloons and other things filled with pink or blue powder, to colored silly string and cake pops, the possibilities are endless when it comes to a baby gender reveal.

Will It be pink, or will it be blue? There are countless ways to creatively make the big reveal something to be remembered, and we have a new idea for you with the creativity and delight you would expect coming from Cricket Island.

There isn’t much in this life like the anticipation of holding a beautifully wrapped present in your hands and anxiously awaiting the moment of discovering what is inside. It brings out the Christmas morning giddiness, the birthday present smiles, and once in a lifetime butterflies all at once. We created the perfect gender reveal boxes that will not only disclose the gender of the baby, but bring that happy anticipation and give Mom and Dad the cutest baby products that they can hold and love in anticipation of their baby’s arrival, and then go on to become treasured keepsakes and favorite baby products for their wee one.

Here are three ways you too can use our Baby Gender Reveal Boxes to announce whether you'll be adding to team pink or team blue:

1) Let someone help to surprise you

Enlist a trusted friend or family member with the gender of the baby attained from the doctor’s office and let them help you create a lifetime memory for Mom and Dad! Our gender reveal box comes with an adorable pink or blue baby’s first outfit, a lovey for baby to snuggle and soothe themselves with, and an adorable friendly chime baby rattle. Perfectly placed on top is an adorably illustrated card with the words “It’s a Girl” or “It’s a Boy” with a blank page inside for a message or a place to record the thoughts and memories of the big gender reveal day, or even that treasured ultrasound photo revealing the big news. This all comes packaged beautifully in our signature Bunnies By The Bay logo gift box, wrapped in carrot tissue paper, and tied with a logo ribbon bow.

2) Plan a gender reveal party

Invite the closest of your friends and family, then open your box with all eyes on you as you reveal the content of the most adorable pink or blue baby gifts around. If you can’t have people attend in person, go FaceBook LIVE, or schedule a ZOOM meeting and invite and share to your heart's content!

3) Send a gender reveal gift box to the ones you love

Let THEM open the gift of knowing the sex of the baby they'll be welcoming into their life. Bonus for you, you'll end up being the end recipient of these gifts, and the ones that you love get the joy and anticipation of holding that special package in their hands and sharing in your excitement as they open to find the perfect pink or blue baby things to love.

The Baby Girl Box features darling favorites from the Blossom Bunny Collection

Baby Girl Gender Reveal Box


The Baby Boy Box features too cute favorites from our Skipit the Pup Collection

Baby Boy Gender Reveal Box



This truly is a once in a lifetime event,  celebrate every little step of the way, take the pictures and videos, and remember how it feels when you are preparing to bring a new life into this world!

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