Fun Ways to Give Personalized Baby Gifts

We all know that you can get personalized baby gifts for your baby. Good quality personalized baby gifts can become keepsakes that are held on to for a lifetime! But are there other fun ways to use personalized baby gifts? We think there are!

Keepsakes for Grandparents

A personalized baby gift, like a toy or a pair of booties, can be a sweet gift for new grandparents. Such gifts can bring the joy of a new baby into their home long before the newborn is ready for a visit. With the new baby’s name embroidered on the item, they become the perfect keepsakes for grandparents. These gifts can also do double duty as special toys for baby to use just when they’re visiting their grandparents. This can make these visits extra special for baby and their grandparents alike.

Photo Name and Gender Announcements

Photo announcements are a fun and easy way to announce the arrival of a new baby. You can use a photo of a personalized baby gift, like a cute stuffed animal, to announce not just your baby, but their name and gender as well! These kinds of announcements are perfect before the baby is born, when you can’t send a photograph of the baby itself, and may be more meaningful to some recipients than a copy of an ultrasound image. The pictures also make great keepsakes for baby albums!

Party Favors for Baby Showers or Gender Reveal Parties

Blossom Bunny Polka Dot Buddy Blanket on a white background

If you want the perfect party favor for a baby shower or a gender reveal party, you couldn’t do better than a small, sweet stuffed animal embroidered with the baby’s name and year of birth! Tiny Nibble Bunnies, at eight inches tall, are the perfect size to display on a shelf or in a hutch as a keepsake, and they’re just as at home snuggled between the pillows on someone’s bed! Snuggly soft and perfectly sweet, just like baby, these toys are the perfect reminder of a special event.

Big Sibling Gifts

Sometimes it can be challenging for kids to welcome a new baby sibling into the family. There are a lot of challenging emotions involved that kids may not know how to deal with. Seeing a new baby get gift after gift can ignite feelings of jealousy. Offering a big sibling the gift of a sweet stuffed animal may be just the way to let bigger kids know that they’re still cherished members of the family. Personalizing the gift goes a step further, associating their new brother or sister’s name with the gift. You could even have the personalized gift come from the new baby! What a wonderful way to bring the family together, and to give older siblings tools to accept their new sibling!

Personalized baby gifts aren’t just for babies! We’re sure you can find other creative ways to gift these special items when anticipating a new arrival, and we have plenty of personalized gifts for you to choose from.


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