Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

It can be challenging to come up with a unique or creative way to announce your new baby boy or girl to the world. We put together this list of ideas to help you get started!

Gender Reveal Loveys

What a great way to commemorate an expected baby! You can ship Buddy Blankets to your family members to announce the gender of your new addition. The Blossom Buddy Blanket for girls and the Skipit Buddy Blanket or Bud Bunny Buddy Blanket for boys are perfect for this; both can be personalized with the new baby’s name or expected birth year! Imagine what a wonderful surprise for soon-to-be grandparents to open up a box and see one of these sweet, heirloom quality loveys commemorating the birth of their grandchild! As an extra bonus, these buddy blankets can be special toys for baby when they visit!

Gender Reveal Scratch Off Tickets

This gender reveal idea is perfect for the age of social distancing! Mail gender reveal scratch-off cards to friends and loved ones, and let them discover the gender of your new addition on their own! You can buy pre-made cards on Amazon, or use these instructions to make your own! When your loved ones receive the cards in the mail, they get to take an active part in the discovery of the new baby’s gender!

Gender Reveal Gift Boxes

For a sweet and practical way to welcome a new baby, you could have a trusted friend or family member order a gender reveal gift box, and then you can open it to find pink or blue gifts for baby! You can surprise yourself, or you can open the box in front of party guests to reveal the sweetest and cutest baby essentials for friends and family to ooh and ahh over! Our gender reveal boxes include a convertible gown for your newborn, a Knotty Friend lovey, and a sweet Friendly Chime Rattle, all packaged in a beautiful gift box with a hand-illustrated card declaring that “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” All this is coordinated in pink or blue depending on your new baby’s gender!

Gender Reveal Candle

woman from the chest up, holding a lit candle.

What a sweet way to reveal the gender of your new baby to friends and loved ones! These soy wax candles are white with pink or blue in the middle, and come in your choice of fragrance (including the thematically appropriate baby powder scent). As the candle burns down, the colored interior of the candle becomes visible, revealing the gender of your new addition. You can ship them to friends and family to give them a relaxing way to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl!

Gender Reveal Rubber Duckie Fizz

These adorable gender reveal duckies fizz when placed in water to reveal pink or blue! In a clear glass container, they can be used to delight guests at a party as they enjoy the suspense and watch for the reveal! Can also be used as a bath bomb to reveal the gender of a new addition to soon-to-be older siblings at bath time! What a cute way to welcome a new brother or sister to the family!

If a Gender Reveal Party Isn’t Your Thing

Try a baby name reveal party instead! This way you get all the excitement of a reveal, even if you don’t want to make a fuss about your new baby’s gender. There are lots of ways to reveal a new baby’s name, but an easy DIY method is to write the letters of the new baby’s name in white crayon on white paper, and let guests and loved ones paint on the paper with watercolor paints. The letter will stay white, and then you can put the different letters together to spell out the name! It’s a fun way to get others to participate in a very colorful reveal!

Or, you can use Buddy Blankets for name reveals also! If you prefer to keep the gender of your baby under wraps, you can still send a lovey to your family members!  The Bloom Bunny Buddy Blanket and Kiddo the Lamb Buddy Blanket are personalizable and great for anybunny! What a cute and cuddly way to commemorate the birth of your child!

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