Baby Name Reveal Ideas - An Alternative to Gender Reveals

Are you looking for an alternative to a gender reveal party? Or maybe you plan to raise your new baby in as gender-neutral a way as possible? Instead, you could have a Baby Name Reveal event! All the fun of a big reveal, with a twist! We’ve put together some creative ideas to get you started on planning the perfect name reveal event for your new baby!

Watercolor Painting Party

Abstract watercolor painting in blue

If you’re gathering friends and family to announce your new baby’s name, this is a fun and creative way for your guests to take part in the announcement! Provide each guest with a piece of paper with a letter of the baby’s name written on it in white crayon, and have guests paint on the paper with watercolor paints. The letter will remain white, revealing a letter of the new baby’s name! Then your guests can get together and arrange the letters to spell out the new baby’s name. There is no more colorful way to reveal your baby’s name!

Baby Name Reveal Games

If you’re throwing a party, it wouldn’t be complete without games! The only limit here is your imagination. You could put up a white board (you can decorate it with cute ribbons, too!) and write baby names on it, and let your party guests mark down which name is the one you’ve chosen. Then, after the gifts have been given and the snacks eaten, you can reveal your chosen name and see who won!

Another fun option is to play baby name hangman! This is a very easy and very engaging way to get your guests involved in the reveal. Set up a white board and let your guests start guessing letters!

Personalized Baby Toys

Two buddy blanket loveys

If you’re not planning on having a get-together, you can send out personalized baby toys to the most important people in your new baby’s life. We offer many personalized gifts that are appropriate for babies, from Buddy Blankets to sweet stuffed bunnies. These heirloom quality gifts are a memorable way to commemorate your baby’s name, and a beautiful keepsake for family members. Imagine when the new grandparents open up a special toy with baby’s name embroidered on it. They do double duty as a special toy for baby to play with when visiting relatives, too! We carry several gender neutral options as well, in case you’re keeping your baby’s gender under wraps!

Send Out a Photo Announcement

Pregnancy can be a difficult and busy time for expectant parents. If you feel like you don’t have the resources to have a party, you can easily send out a photo announcement! You can include the baby’s name on a copy of your ultrasound, or even arrange scrabble tiles to spend your chosen name, and photograph it. You can send these out by email or social media, but sending by postal mail adds a little personal touch. You can even have custom cards printed to send out to all your friends and family! 

Baby Name Puzzle

You can order a custom puzzle with your baby’s name printed on it, and have your guests work together to complete the puzzle and reveal the name! Naturally a simpler puzzle is more appropriate for this activity, and if you want a quiet and laid back gathering, this is a wonderful activity! Everyone will get to participate in the reveal, and friends and family can work together instead of competing against one another. 

A Baby Naming Party

If you haven’t picked out your baby’s name yet, you can still get people together to celebrate. Provide some snacks and a few baby name books, and let your loved ones come up with ideas for baby names. You can provide a box and slips of paper so that your guests can write down their suggestions for names and put them in the box, and you can review them later. They may come up with great ideas that you hadn’t even considered!

These creative alternatives to a gender reveal party are just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many fun ways to celebrate your coming addition with your loved ones, you can easily make up your own and create a unique event that everyone will remember!

Check out some of our favorite personalized baby gifts for great options for name reveal celebrations!

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