Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Stuffed Animals Looking New

It’s no secret that children can get dirty in a hurry. After playing in the dirt or getting their hands sticky, grabbing their favorite stuffed animal could lead to a filthy stuffy. Like certain articles of clothing, some stuffed animals need delicate handwashing, while others can handle the rigors of the washing machine. We’ll break down the best cleaning tips to keep your stuffed animals looking new.


Most plush toys are safe for either machine or handwashing. However, if you’re unsure about the fabric content, it’s safer to wash the item by hand than risk damaging it. Take your time and be cautious since these stuffed animals have seen a lot of love.

Daily hugging may cause wear and tear on the fabric, especially in high-friction areas. Keep an eye out for these openings. Work some mild detergent into the cloth behind the fur using lukewarm water in the sink.

Then, gently squeeze out as much soap as possible without tearing the fabric. Make sure the water is clear after each rinse. You may also clean your child’s stuffed animal by fluffing it with a moist towel and then wiping it down to remove any soap residue.

Using the Washing Machine

Everyone makes mistakes, as throwing “hand-wash only” garments in the washing machine proves. But don’t be hesitant to machine-wash your plush animal if the tag says it’s OK.

The washing machine makes things go more quickly and smoothly. Use the appropriate detergent for a washable stuffed animal in the machine. Spray disinfectant is fast and easy to use, but the chemicals might harm synthetic fur.

After it goes through the machine, air-dry the plushy and ensure all the fillings are there. Then give your furry friend a good fluffing.

Precautions for Electronics

It is important to take extra precautions when washing plush toys with electronics to prevent harm to the toys’ internal components. Tape over any plugs and take out the batteries while maneuvering around electronics.

Use a soft cloth moistened with dish soap and water to wipe away filth, but be careful not to soak the surface. Finally, gently rub the fur with a moist towel to remove any soap residue while fluffing it.

How Often Should You Wash?

You shouldn’t have to clean your kid’s plush animals every day; a brief dusting once a week and a methodical wash once a month should suffice. If your child is ill, you should wash and disinfect everything they touch, especially their playthings.

To kill bacteria and mites, wash your stuffed animals at 149 degrees Fahrenheit. Since most stuffed animals can’t take the heat, you should place the toy in a plastic bag and freeze it for the night. Washing a plushie in cold water after exposing it to subzero temperatures will destroy bacteria and pests.

Using these cleaning tips to keep your stuffed animals looking new ensures your child’s personalized baby lovey is pristine and ready for cuddling. Bunnies by the Bay has a wonderful selection of personalized stuffed animals for your loved ones that are natural and safe!

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