10 Memorable Baby Shower Themes Perfect for Expectant Moms

Ideas for baby shower themes never cease to amaze. Perhaps it’s because themes provide the ideal jumping-off point for organizing a memorable party. Opting for one of these ten memorable baby shower themes, perfect for expectant moms, will definitely leave party guests in awe.

1) Turn Back the Clock

It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as the annual Met Gala, but sticking with a “turning back the clock” theme is a fun way to party. Pay homage to a specific time during the parents’ birth journey gives the baby shower direction and allows you to get creative with decor choices.

Or, if you decide to go back further, the options are endless. It could be as simple as throwing a disco dance party with everyone donning 70s attire or something more elegant like a costume ball you see in movies and TV. Regardless of your route, it should make for a good time.

2) Spilling the Tea With Tea

A tea party works particularly well for baby girl shower themes and a more subdued theme. A selection of teas, baguettes, Madeleine cookies, and exquisite tea sandwiches evoke the atmosphere of a day in Paris.

Consider using your fanciest dinnerware or renting cups and saucers with a flowery motif. Flowers are always a nice touch, as are soft pastel colors. Macaroons are the perfect sweet treat with your tea and will surely satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

3) Party On

Some parents-to-be are all about the vibes, man. The “make love, not war” era may have passed us by, but that doesn’t mean the mother isn’t a flower child. Turning a baby shower into a party-like festival can be entertaining for an evening.

This idea is for moms who love going to concerts and letting the bass drum’s beat move their bodies and souls. Hiring a DJ to get the baby shower bumping while sipping on tasty mocktails will surely keep the party going for one last hurrah.

4) The World Traveler

If the mother-to-be is an avid traveler who has seen the finest things the world has to offer, a travel-themed baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate the momentous occasion. Highlight the places the happy couple went to with pictures and food associated with the areas.

Croissants for France, bruschetta for Italy, and a feta salad for Greece are a few ideas you can incorporate for the theme. Beyond food, an airplane or hot air balloon-inspired invitation signifies the biggest adventure is yet to come, and you can even give the baby-to-be their boarding pass when they are planet Earth’s newest passenger.

5) Welcome to the Jungle

One of the most amazing rides at Disneyworld is the Kilimanjaro Safari, especially for the animal lover at heart. While it would be ill-advised to bring a lion or giraffe to a baby shower, you can do your best to imitate an authentic safari experience.

Rather than focusing the attention on the animals, creating the ambiance of being in the middle of a jungle could be the smarter way to go. Renting extra potted plants or trees is one idea to completely change a room’s feel. Reduce the number of blooms and go crazy with the foliage. Vegetables, fruits, and tiny seasonal snacks placed tastefully on wooden serving trays also go well with the theme.

Additionally, guests can gift the parents-to-be an animal pacifier holder to further match the theme.

6) Beach Bash

A beach-themed party is the easiest solution for the soon-to-be mother with a “Salt Life” bumper sticker on their vehicle. You can implement this theme in one of two ways. The first idea involves puka shell necklaces, various other seashells, and a pit for making sandcastles. In other words, fully embracing and replicating a beach-like feeling.

The other option is to overlook those ideas others did hundreds of times and turn your shower into a luxurious beach resort-type feel; think White Lotus without the drama. For instance, decorating with rattan chargers and striped linens in blue or gray is advisable. Have everyone write their best wishes for the growing family and put them in a bottle for them to read later.

7) “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?”

If the expectant mother’s due date falls towards the latter portion of the calendar, creating a winter wonderland that includes warm lighting, plush fabrics, and muted hues works well. Use several pillar candles, plush throw blankets, and hot drinks, like cider, toddies, or hot chocolate, to set the mood.

Additionally, ambient LED copper lights can provide the bright white environment that one would think of being in a wintery paradise. Decorate with garlands of white, cream, greige, and other light-colored felted decorations to line bars and tables, or use them individually or in small groups to add texture by placing them in shallow dishes.

Depending on the season and beliefs of the mother, another fun thing to do would be to have everyone bring an ornament to decorate the baby’s tree with. Cozy party favors might be as simple as little sachets of spice blends for tea.

8) All White Everything

Explore throwing a chic all-white baby shower with contemporary touches like white rose arrangements and modern baby toys, like little white blocks. The color white, on its own, is sophisticated and never appears dated. A white balloon arch is elegant, and you can easily liven things up with some potted plants on the tables. Provide white wine and bottles of sparkling water to complete the image.

On the other hand, if the gender isn’t a secret, stack hues of blue or pink—particularly when it comes to the flowers—for maximum effect and timeless elegance.

9) Baby-Q

Some couples prefer firing up the grill and enjoying some barbeque ribs in their backyard rather than living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. One of our favorite low-key baby shower themes is a backyard “baby-q.”

Instead of doing diaper-decorating activities, guests may feast on sliders hot off the grill, small pies, and refreshing watermelon slices. The beverage tub stocked with locally brewed beer and colorful mocktails served in mason jars gives it that Southern charm.

Favors may be little bottles of the happy couple’s preferred BBQ sauce manufactured in the area. If you get the party started in the late afternoon, you can easily keep the good times rolling into the evening.

10) A Spa Day

Sometimes the easiest way to please the future mama is to treat her to the most relaxing retreat imaginable. Spending hours of planning, decorating, and organizing for the perfect baby shower will be as much of a drain on the host as it is the main attraction. Massages, mani-pedis, and a facial in a luxurious spa sound like the bee’s knees, rejuvenating everyone who makes the trip.

Hopefully, one of these ten memorable baby shower themes, perfect for expectant moms, pops off the page while you’re weighing the pros and cons of each. Bunnies by the Bay is ideal for memorable and personalized gifts for any mother and child. We’re confident we can provide the gifts they will remember forever, whether it’s organic cotton baby clothing or baby gift sets.

10 Memorable Baby Shower Themes Perfect for Expectant Moms

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