A Visit to Lovie Hospital

Some of our most favorite stories are those of our customers telling us how our lovies have become such important parts of their little one’s lives. How they bring them joy through day to day adventures, and comfort in times of sorrow, change, and the challenges of growing up. How their lovie is a constant companion, and has become a staple in their everyday lives. Whether their lovie is a stuffed animal, security blanket, pacifier holder, blanket or doll, it is a lovie because it is SO LOVED!

With that constant love comes natural wear and tear, where a lovie has been worn to threads, or even accidents where it is damaged. We can’t bear to hear of little ones that are distraught without their lovies at all, or a damaged lovie that must hurt as much as they do when they have an ouchie. Because of this we do in fact have a Lovie Hospital here on Cricket Island.

Our friend Quinn’s lovie, affectionately known as "Cozy" was in need of some repair. She adores the blemishes of love she had given him over 7 years of being her constant companion, but most recently he had an “owie” where the stitching in his neck was coming undone, and she wanted to make sure that he was properly taken care of.

Lovie Repair Package

She carefully wrapped him in tissue and addressed a padded package to “Lovie Repair” and sent him our way. We understand that this was a very big deal for Ms. Quinn, and we are so honored that she would allow us to repair her most prized possession.

Lovie for Repair
Cozy even came with a handwritten note, to make sure we knew just how very special he is!
Lovie for Repair
Lovie for Repair Note

After we received her Giraffe, Cozy, we kept him safe, and fixed his “owies” with the most delicate of care. Each stitch breathing new life into the best friend of sweet Quinn. Each knot holding tightly the memories that he has been a part of in this sweet girl’s life. This is not something that we take lightly here at Bunnies By the Bay. Giving Glad Dreams is at the core of what we do, and there is no greater opportunity to do so then at times like this when it matters the most. We packaged him with care in our special gift box to make sure Quinn knew just how cared for he was, and wrote a special note back to our friend. 

Lovie for Repair Delivery

Lovie for Repair Return

Thank you, Quinn and your family, for allowing us to care for your precious friend. And also for knowing and validating how very important a Lovie is to childhood, and realizing what an impact these situations can make in the eyes of a child who is watching and learning from all that we do! This was an opportunity to Give Glad Dreams, show kindness, compassion and love, and we are truly honored to have been a part of it all.

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