Misplaced a lovey 

or cherished toy?

We can help!

If you have lost a lovey, or you need a back- up lovey on a discontinued item, we will do our best to help. We call this a "Bunny 911". We understand how urgent this is to you. We know that our security items and plush hold a very dear place in the hearts of those that love them and provide comfort to those little and big! This is what Giving Glad Dreams is all about. From the first time you purchase a Bunnies By The Bay lovey, to the time it grows to be a part of the family as a cherished companion or keepsake, we are here for you. 

Here is how it works; If you are looking for a replacement, we will search high and low among our archived products and contact retail stores far and wide. If we are unable to find a replacement we call upon on very own Bunny Seamstresses in Anacortes, WA . If they have the material on hand you, we will provide the option of ordering a custom replica. Once we receive the “go” our seamstresses will hand make your very own Bunnies By The Bay lovey. 

The following are the starting prices of our Hutch Studio Custom Replicas

Buddy Blankets: $94.00

Bye Bye Buddies: $94.00

Knotty Pals: $94.00

Silly Buddies: $80.00

8" or smaller plush: $75.00

9-12" plush: $94.00

13-16" plush: $129.00

17-20" plush: $150.00

Quilts: $200-$250

Receiving Blankets: $94-120

Faux Fur Blankets: $120-$150

*for plush, the largest dimension (length, height or width) will be used to calculate the price. 

Other items are available, and cost will be estimated on a case by case basis. Only items that have previously been in production are able to be replicated at this time.

Please note that custom work is all done in by hand, and variations from the original items are part of the hand-sewn charm. No two items can ever be exactly the same, but we will pour love into every stitch and do our best to make sure that every customer is happy with the result. Due to the time and efforts involved with these products we do require a 50% deposit to be paid before any work can begin. Hutch Studio Handmade originals cannot be replicated as they are all one of a kind. 

 Our 24-carrot customer service team is standing by for all your “Bunny 911” needs. Please use the contact form below or call us to discuss the available options.  

Misplaced a lovey or cherished toy?

We can help!

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Step 1:

Contact Us

Send us a message via the form below and tell us about the toy you're looking for.  

You can also email us at customerservice@bunniesbythebay.com!

Step 2:

We'll search high and low

We will search within our archives, our wholesale shops and all over the web to find you a replacement near you.

Step 3:

We can create a custom replacement

If we can't find you a replacement, we may be able to custom make you a replacement if we have the fabric available. 

Get In Touch

Please fill out the quick form with details of the item you're looking for and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 

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Examples of custom replacements from last year:

The Custom Order Experience