6 Easter Basket Ideas That Aren't Candy

Trying to think of ways to fill your child’s Easter basket with more than just sugar and candy? Look no further! Although we don’t think there’s anything wrong with a yummy treat (in moderation), there are so many other things you can put in your little’s basket to get them hyped up for Easter without getting them hyped up on sugar. The following list is curated for kids from newborn to middle school; choose your gifts based on what you know your kiddo will love. Read on to find out some of our favorite non-candy Easter basket ideas!

1. Books

There are tons of different Easter-themed books that hit the shelves as soon as March rolls around, and one is cuter than the next. I firmly believe that kids can never have too many books, and I like to rotate my holiday-themed stories in and out based on the season so that they seem new every time my kids see them. From touch and feel books about farm animals to biblical stories that explain the meaning of Easter, there’s a book for kids of every age. Make it extra special by writing a little inscription inside with the date and your child’s name, and perhaps a special Easter memory from your childhood. That will make this a gift that your child will treasure as they get older, and perhaps even pass down to their children one day.

Mother and Child Reading A Book

2. Outdoor Toys 

One of the great things about Easter is that it often is synonymous with the start of Spring- and warm weather means lots of outdoor playtime for the littles who have been cooped up inside most of the winter. Why not use their Easter basket as a tool to replenish some of their outdoor toys that may have been lost or used up the year before? We’re thinking chalk, sand toys, balls, bubbles, water beads, water balloons, or even a kite! All of these are small and affordable enough to easily fit inside a basket, and what kid doesn’t love a box of brand new sidewalk chalk? They’ll be thrilled to receive these fun toys and you’ll be able to use them to make fun outdoor family memories in the warm months to come. 

3. Gardening Tools and Activities

Speaking of spending time outdoors, gardening is another way to get your little one outside and learning at the same time! Consider including tools like a child-sized spade or shovel, a kneeling pad, and some gardening gloves in their Easter basket. Kids love to “help” with whatever their caregivers are doing, and guaranteed they’ll be even more excited to help with the garden if they have their own stuff to use. The tiniest littles might just end up throwing dirt around, but it’s still a great sensory activity for them! And gardening is an awesome way to teach older kiddos about science and plants. Don’t have space for a whole garden? Buy mini pots with seeds that you can plant and keep inside, or you can even use an old egg carton and place it in a window that gets good light. Just put some packets of seeds in the basket and your kid(s) will love checking on their baby plants every day.

4. Stuffies

Little ones (and even some bigger kids) will love to see a sweet, fluffy stuffed animal sitting in their basket on Easter morning. This is the perfect opportunity to gift your kids a cuddly bunny to go along with an Easter-themed book, or even a stuffed duck or chick! Worried your child is too small for a stuffie? Give them one of these adorable lovies, or even a bunny blanket to snuggle with at night (for kids 1 and older). 

Child With Easter Stuffed Animal

5. Gifts For the Littlest Loves 

There are plenty of Easter gift ideas perfect for kids under 1 year old! Teethers, bath toys, and rattles are some of our favorites. How cute is this carrot-themed rattle? Tiny baby slippers are another perfect addition to your baby’s basket. Is it baby’s first Easter? The basket itself could be a gift! Check out our selection of quality Easter baskets, which you can personalize on the handle.

Baby with Stuffed Animal

6. New Snacks

Just because we’re trying to avoid sugar doesn’t mean your little’s basket can’t have any food in it! There are plenty of healthy choices you can include that your kids are sure to love. The trick is to include some NEW snacks that they’re unfamiliar with- not the same things that they eat every day. The novelty will be what interests them just as much as candy would. We’re thinking fruit snacks (try a different brand/shape/flavor if this is a common snack in your house), pouches, dried fruit, goldfish crackers, or raisins. Sometimes just seeing snacks in individual packaging as opposed to in bulk is enough to delight a small child. I know mine love to carry around their little packets of fruit snacks and goldfish crackers!

Looking for even more Easter basket ideas? Be sure to check out our Easter Gift Sets! These are also perfect if you’re looking for a sweet gift for a friend or family member’s child for Easter. What are you going to put in your Easter baskets this year? Leave a comment below!

Author: Alison Johnson

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