Magic Moments and Giving Glad Dreams


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We are in the business of helping our customers make magic moments. String some magic moments together and we are all Giving Glad Dreams. This is it, this is our mission, to Give Glad Dreams.

At Bunnies By The Bay, we are inspired by the lessons Krys and Suzanne (Sisters) learned from their own Gram and put into action. Gram taught them that it is better to give than to receive, and that there is as much benefit in being the gift-giver as there is in being the gift recipient. Careful planning of why to give a gift, who to give a gift to and what to give can be a very special process.  We strive to make this process easy and more meaningful.

Over time Krys and Suzanne have inspired others to help in the mission of Giving Glad Dreams. Jeanne Ming Hayes joined them 20 years ago and is the soul sister who helped propel the Bunnies By The Bay business to the next level. Jeanne’s vision of the Bunnies By The Bay brand and the chemistry within the three Sisters is the secret sauce which is the basis of Bunnies By The Bay.

Everyday there are lots of Bunnies of Bunnies By The Bay who work to help Give Glad Dreams. I remember once ordering a gift for someone when I was not as tightly connected to Bunnies By The Bay, and I received a note thanking me for my purchase and the message of “once a Bunny, always a Bunny”. I smiled and had a tear when I read it, as I was reminded how important it is to make a magic moment, to Give a Glad Dream. I just wasn’t expecting to be on the receiving end of that magic moment and Glad Dream.

This past Friday at our workshop in Anacortes located on Fidalgo Island, the inspiration for Cricket Island, it was a busy beehive of activity. We enjoyed visits from two wholesale accounts who will help us Give Glad Dreams in the second half off the year. Our UPS representative came to check in and make sure they were doing all they could do to help Give Glad Dreams. And of course, we were working to fulfill both wholesale and retail orders. As all this activity was taking place, I was trying to take note of the magic moments that were happening all around me. When I think about magic moments, I wish, hope and pray I don’t miss them. I saw all the care that was going toward every event and task to help us Give Glad Dreams. It was awesome, inspiring and comforting all at the same time.

Later that night, I shut down my day to see what magic moments our customers were sharing with us on our social sites. I wanted to see the Glad Dreams we were helping to give. It is the perfect way to end my day and send me off to sleep with Glad Dreams of my own.

Give Glad Dreams
Bunnies By The Bay

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