RETIRED - Personalizable Stuffed Animal Scarf

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Bunnies By The Bay

The perfect jolly addition to any of our stuffed animals to add a touch of holiday spirit. From Christmas to Valentines Day these darling knit scares in jolly red or elegant gray make any stuffed animal into a holiday keepsake sure to be treasured for a lifetime. 

The appropriate length scarf will be selected for each stuffed animal. They will fit all from Wee & Tiny to Great Big plush. 

These woven scarves are perfect for personalizing. Add a name for a memorable stocking stuffer or friend to be gifted under the tree. 10-character limit to each scarf. *Additional charges for personalization apply. 

** When ordering please specify in the order notes which stuffed animal the scarf is for so we may choose the correct size. 

This item is sold out!

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