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Ocho has been super-sized and is super excited to share mucho hugs with many little amigos.  New Mucho Ocho the Octopus is bigger and better with even more of him to snuggle and love. This is one BIG octopus stuffed animal! Soft vibrant blue fur with cotton knit polka dot and stripe blue and white trim on his dangly tentacles just waiting to little ones to play with. Ocho is more than friendly with his sweet baby-safe embroidered face and signature white sailor hat ready for adventures on the high seas. Big enough to be a statement in your room decor, and perfect to cuddle and love. Bring Mucho Ocho and the rest of his Good Friends By The Bay home to play!


  • Big, soft, and huggable
  • Multiple patterns and baby-blue fur
  • Size: 22 inches
  • Spot Clean Only. 100% Polyester. Imported
This item is sold out!

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