RETIRED - Hutch Studio Original - Mia Sparrow - Hand-Crafted Cotton & Knit Bird

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Bunnies By The Bay

Bunnies By The Bay Hutch Studio Original

Hand-crafted by artist Krys Kirkpatrick, this one-of-a-kind cotton & knit bird has a soft body, and a sweet pinafore dress made of 100% cotton and detailed with hand-drawn floral art and dainty embroidery. Floppy legs, flappy wings, impressive bird feet, and a dignified beak. Trims may include flowers, ribbons, buttons, bows,  pom-poms, and other charming accouterments. Embroidered face, beak, and signature blushed cheeks make for the final charming touches in this exquisite creation. 

Approximately 12" in height

Comes in a custom canvas bag

This item is sold out!

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