What Is a Security Object and How Does It Affect Newborns?

Life as a parent can be tough, particularly if a newborn flat-out refuses to sleep and relax. Turning to a security object to caress rather than feel your embrace 24/7 can help parents from being “touched out,” a feeling that’s all too common, even though you love them with all your heart. Learning what a security object is and how it affects newborns details its value for you and the child.

What Are Security Objects?

Infants and young children often take comfort in familiar things that make them feel safe and protected, like their favorite security objects. Kids may show affection towards these objects by cuddling with them in the night, but they may also help calm them throughout the day.

These inanimate objects build a special bond between them and the child. Usually, parents use security objects for transitional stages in their lives, as they help ease the adjustment from dependent infants to more capable older children.

The Impact of Having a Comfort Object

A young child goes through an array of changes and experiences, from the moment they’re born to their first birthday. You could argue that each new day for a child is how you would feel if it was your first day on the job. That feeling of anxiousness you feel while trying to understand a spreadsheet or inventory system is how they feel when they come across something new and confusing. Because of this feeling, a security object can be the recognizable item that gives them solace.

Many parents and caregivers swear by the effectiveness of a lovey in assisting their young children in learning to self-soothe. Your child’s taste is another consideration when selecting a lovey. A little plush animal may be more appealing to certain infants, while a lovey-style custom baby boy gift may hit home for others.

How To Add a Lovey to Their Routine

Pay attention to what your kid genuinely bonds with as you experiment with various security items. You may even put a couple of alternatives in their crib and let them choose one as they age. In most cases, they’ll choose a single option.

It may be easiest to introduce a security item during the daytime while winding down and preparing for a nap. It may serve as an item your little one comes to love and link with, hopefully leading to a lengthy snooze. You should also include their lovey in the bedtime reading routine.

A Trusted Stand-In

Your child will likely cling to their comfort object with every fiber of their being, making it challenging to keep their item clean. Thus, it’s always a good idea to have duplicates of their comfort objects. The odds are a young infant will not realize you called for a pinch-hitter to wash it.

In the small possibility your youngster may first reject the second one since it is so different from the first, give them time to acclimate to it so it’s not so foreign. Having duplicates on hand ensures the quality stays high, and you have one ready if it goes missing.

Understanding what a security object is and how it affects newborns helps you realize that it is a helpful aid to console your child in need. Bunnies by the Bay is here to help provide your bundle of joy with a lovey object they can rely on whenever needed. Our vast array of animals, blankets, and beyond will surely give them the security they need.

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