The Complete Guide to Choosing Your Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a special time for any expectant mother. Every mother deserves to have their day during this exciting time, whether they’re having their first child or their third. One of the key elements of any successful baby shower is the games.

Games serve as a fun icebreaker and can help create unforgettable memories for all attendees. However, with so many baby shower game options, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Don’t worry mama, we’ve got you covered with this complete guide to choosing your baby shower games.

Consider Your Likes

The first step in planning a shower is determining what you enjoy and what you detest. After all, you are the main event of this fun shindig, so you should get a say in what you want.

Like some moms-to-be, you may not like being the center of attention. So, choosing games that don’t put you in the spotlight may be ideal. But you won’t have any way of knowing that until you figure out what you want to do and how you want the event to look. You can eliminate many games depending on your likes and dislikes.

Reflect the Baby Shower’s Theme

Baby showers typically follow a specific theme. Having a theme allows you or the party planners to zero in on the best decorations to complete an inviting aesthetic. Thus, one of the best ways to narrow your choices for baby shower games is to stay with the event’s theme.

Will the baby shower be a traditional pastel-themed affair or a playful animal-themed party? Once you have a theme, selecting games that tie everything together shouldn’t be too difficult.

Think About the Age Range of Attendees

Some baby showers are a “come one, come all” type of deal, allowing friends to bring their children or partners along for the fun. You must think about everyone involved if that’s the case. Games for all age groups are the safest way to prepare for your Baby Olympics. The last thing you want to do is include children and not have any games that they will take to.

Furthermore, what’s your relationship with your attendees? Choosing games for family members you see every once in a blue moon may require you to be more general with your gaming choices. On the other hand, you can get more in-depth if your guests consist of your closest friends.

Games by Category

Age is one way to sift through different game ideas, but arranging them by category also paints a better picture of what you can play. The simplest category is playing a “guessing” game requiring luck. You don’t need prior knowledge or skill to roll dice or anything.

Games that last the entirety of the shower are also a nice choice. One of these types of games is a must-have for your event. It encourages guests to walk around the space and appreciate your ornamentation. It’s only fair that your visitors marvel at your décor after you put in so much effort.

The “Who Knows Her Best” game is always a safe bet for those who have had many fond memories with you. Recalling such happy memories can be very fun, and it may be surprising to discover who knows you best.

Get Creative with DIY Games

Try creating a DIY game instead if you want a more personalized touch to the games in your baby shower. Everyone plays some of the classic games that can be dull, so it doesn’t hurt to think outside the box and get your Hasbro on.

These DIY games can range from including heartfelt messages to a sillier approach that’s good for a laugh. Only you know what will work for the people involved.

The Best Baby Shower Games

Now that we have an outline of games you should ponder, let’s look at what a few of the best games offer. As previously mentioned, sometimes, baby showers can be a bit dull. We have compiled a list of the best baby shower games to entertain everyone and make you feel extra special.

Baby Bingo

We’ve all had the privilege of stamping out numbers and shouting “BINGO!” at the top of our lungs—so why not bring that to the baby shower?

Grab a stack of bingo cards and replace the usual numbers with baby items like bottles, diapers, pacifiers, and more. Players can mark off the corresponding items on their cards when they hear them. The first person to get a full row checked off wins a prize! Bingo is a particularly nice option for an all-ages affair since the game is easy to understand and play.

Diaper Raffle

The answer is most likely the same as Cady Heron’s in Mean Girls: “The limit does not exist,” when you ask soon-to-be parents how many diapers they will need for their newborn. Therefore, try incentivizing other partygoers to bring a litany of diapers by holding a diaper raffle.

This game is perfect for the mom-to-be who can never have enough diapers. Invitations can include a raffle card that guests bring to the shower. They will receive a raffle ticket for each pack of diapers they bring. At the end of the shower, you can pick a lucky number, and the winner will receive a prize.

Name That Baby Tune

“Name That Tune” has been a popular game for decades; it’s even had a resurrection with “Beat Shazam” on FOX. While many can pick out Taylor Swift’s “22” with a few guitar strums, how will people fair when it’s classic children’s songs?

Create a playlist of popular baby songs and see who can guess the title and artist of each song. This game is great for music lovers and those who want to have fun. Even the children at the party could thrive in this type of game.

Guess the Baby Food

You can test everyone’s palate and see who the experts are at figuring out baby food. Take the labels off baby food jars and have guests taste and guess each flavor. This game is hilarious to watch and play based on people’s reactions. After all, when was the last time you ate pureed peas?

Onesie Decorating

There’s nothing wrong with a little arts and crafts project to liven up the party. The group’s artists can create unique personalized baby boy gifts by decorating a special onesie for the little lad on his way.

Set up a onesie decorating station with plain white onesies and fabric markers. Guests can let their creativity flow and decorate a onesie for the new baby. You get to keep the onesies as special mementos.

Planning a memorable baby shower is about creating an environment where everyone can have fun and celebrate you and your little bundle-to-be. Hopefully, our complete guide to choosing your baby shower games gives you a solid blueprint to figure out something fun to do.

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The Complete Guide to Choosing Your Baby Shower Games

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