What Do You Get Someone for Their First Baby?

A new parent will be grateful for so many gifts once their little one enters the world. However, settling on something that the child will love and make the parents’ lives easier is an ideal sweet spot. Here are some ideas for what to get someone for their first baby.

Personalized Gifts

If you want to wow your friends or family members with an unforgettable gift, personalizing something with their bundle of joy’s name is an excellent way to give them something to remember.

Most kids grow fond of their special something when given a present solely meant for them. They might not realize the significance until they are older, but they will develop an intense attachment to the item because it has their name on it. As they age, they will likely rely on the item for comfort when upset. After all, many grown adults still sleep with their baby blankets because of the poignant emotional connection they have with it.

Diaper Bag

New parents will long for the days of leaving the house without taking excess cargo along for the ride. Gifting the parents a diaper bag helps them pack the baby’s essentials without complications. A diaper bag can accommodate the baby’s needs and any other goods the family may bring along for the trip.

Companies design them to disperse pressure evenly over the wearer’s shoulders, lessening the potential for injury when traveling. The convenient shoulder straps allow the user free use of their hands, which is helpful when they must carry their little one.

Infant Carrier

Another thing new parents will come to understand is that holding their baby is a wonderful experience, until their arms begin to go numb. A baby carrier promotes healthy social and cognitive development while facilitating attachment and bonding.

Parents can increase the likelihood of breastfeeding and attunement to their child’s needs by wearing their baby on their chest or back. Carrying a baby around also seems to help them learn to talk. As much as babywearing helps the child, the parents might be more thankful for the carrier since infants tend to cry less when held. A baby carrier or sling is an excellent way to keep your child nearby throughout your day. 

Food Gift Cards

While the most common practice is to focus your attention on a gift involving the child, the parents also could use a few pick-me-ups during this exciting time in their lives. One common desire that many new parents have is easy access to yummy food.

Making a meal after no sleep and multiple feedings can be daunting. Therefore, gift the new parents in your life with pre-paid cards for food delivery services or their favorite restaurants. Munching on their favorite meal in the comfort of their home will give them a few moments of bliss and relaxation.

If the recipient of your nice gesture prefers to cook their meals, a meal kit delivery service is another possibility.

These ideas should give you an idea of what to get someone for their first baby. When in doubt, answering the question: “How does this benefit them?” gives you a solid foundation on where to start. If you settle on a personalized gift, Bunnies by the Bay can help with our wonderful unisex baby gifts that the child and parents can cherish forever.

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