Top 5 Reasons You Should Have a Stuffed Bunny

Bunnies aren’t just cute, and stuffed bunnies aren’t just for kids! Bunnies are the inspiration behind our company for so many reasons, and we really do think they make this world a better place. We hope you will have a whole fluffle of bunnies to keep you company! Here are our top five reasons why everyone needs a stuffed bunny to love!

Bunny stuffed animals make a wonderful gift for kids.

1.     A bunny makes a perfect security item or lovey at any age

A lovey or security item is something that brings you comfort. This doesn’t just mean for babies; it is applicable to all human beings. We all crave a feeling of comfort, this knows no age limit. As adults, we talk more about comfort foods, a favorite blanket, a favorite person to talk to, rather than a plush toy. But there are many benefits to stuffed animals, and many grown people will admit, they too have a comfort object, such as a stuffed animal, that they gravitate towards when dealing with transition, despair, and also in times of joy. How many photos have you seen depicting people hugging stuffed animals with tears streaming down their face? Countless I’m certain because that is what we do, we find COMFORT in our soft stuffie friends. In turn, how many times have you seen an image of a child hugging a stuffed animal with a giant grin across their face, with rosy pink cheeks and a sparkle in their eye? Or an image of a child dancing in a field of flowers, stuffed animal in hand? Twirling without a care in the world, happiness exuding from every angle in that photo. Again, many times you will find this image. So why is it that adults aren’t as often in these photos? They should be; maybe we would be happier if they were! A cute stuffed bunny doesn’t just bring softness, but also long lop ears. If you watch a baby learn to self soothe, you will see that they have a natural instinct to fixate on texture and movement. That pattern becomes routine, and once a routine has been founded it is a way for babies to focus on something that is non-changing in an ever-changing world of growth and development. The long lop ears of a plush bunny are the perfect super soft thing to cuddle and caress to find comfort.

Plush Bunny and Baby

2.     Bunny rabbits do the best “Happy Dance” and can inspire us to do the same

Have you ever seen a bunny do a “Happy Dance?" If not you should! It is quite possibly one of the cutest animal behaviors we have ever seen. There is even a name for it, it is called a “Binky”. And did you know that the term binky is also used to refer to a baby’s pacifier? A pacifier is also an object to bring comfort and soothe. Coincidence? I think not! When a bunny does a binky they hop around in a happy frenzy, their cotton tails bouncing wildly, back legs kicking with glee, and ears perky with delight. I dare you not to smile when you see it! It’s sort of like when kids jump up and down and clap their hands, so proud of themselves for accomplishing a task, or so excited that their little bodies just can’t contain their emotions and they just have to cut loose! Let these bunnies teach us a lesson, we all need to do more happy dancing in our lives too!

Bunny Binky Dance - A cute long-haired bunny

3.     Bunnies are the best listeners

Real rabbit ears have two main purposes, the first is obvious, it helps them to hear. Those giant perky bunny ears have a remarkable ability to hear and detect threats as much as 2 miles away with their amazing capability to rotate up to 270 degrees. Again, as humans, we all desire to have someone who can truly hear us. To know what we are saying, even when we aren’t using those exact words to express out emotions. We don’t always want someone to speak or give us answers, sometimes we just need to find the words ourselves and speak them out loud into the universe to find the answers. The second is to cool them down. The larger their ears, the greater the surface area to help them to cool down. Have you ever been upset and told to “cool down”, well maybe these rabbits have it figured out already, they use their ears to cool down, and maybe we can too? This world would be a better place if it were filled with better listeners with perky ears and a quiet mouth.

Bloom Bunny Rabbit

4.     Bunnies are symbols of good fortune

The Chinese zodiac recognizes the rabbit as the luckiest out of all twelve of the zodiac animals. It has been a symbol of mercy, elegance, beauty, fertility, and longevity for ages. This belief has stemmed the popular thought that bunny rabbits bring good fortune, and lucky rabbits have become an iconic symbol across the globe. It has become an icon for Easter as a symbol of new life or rebirth. And there is even an old English superstition that if you say “Rabbit” three times upon waking on the first day of the month you will have good luck for the duration of that month. What better way to celebrate life and love, than with a creature that has such positive energy!

A bunch of plush bunnies pulled on a cart by a toddler

5.     A stuffed bunny gives love without the commitment of a live pet

Live animals are amazing, and there are many health benefits to having a live animal to keep you company and bring you joy, but with them also come a profound level of commitment. Live animals are not toys and are not disposable. When you invite a live animal into your family you are making a commitment to care for them physically, emotionally, and financially, and that is a HUGE deal! If you are prepared for the commitment, wonderful, we are so happy for you. If you still need love and comfort or are gifting that love and comfort, stick with a stuffed bunny. They are all the soft and cuddly you are looking for, and just desire a place to stay on a shelf next to your favorite books, on your bed tucked next to the pillow where you lay your head to sleep, or if you like me, right here on my desk where I sit and dream, create and inspire. 

Girl holding a trio of cute white plush bunnies

Shop our delightful collection of stuffed bunnies to find just the right one to bring into your own home, or to give the gift of bunny love to others!


Where are your bunnies manufactured? Are there button types for eyes or can I get them with embroidered eyes?


Judi February 24, 2023

I think bunnies are very cute and I love one to snuggle with 🥰😍

Charlene August 19, 2022

I found one of your pink bunnies in the 25 cent toy bin at my local thrift shop. It doesn’t have any stuffing. It is my Chiweenie’s favorite toy. Benji has many other stuffed animals and bunnies but when I ask him to bring me his bunny, yours is the one he chooses. Every time.

Susan Buettner July 20, 2022

I was looking for a stuffed bunny for my godchild & came upon your website. Your bunnies are wonderful! I chose the Rutabaga bunny. (I was looking for a blue one, though). Am tempted to get one for myself!.

Nancy April 18, 2022

Such a nice blog! Yes, I agree with you bunny is the best ever stuffed toy. For my kids, I create the custom plush bunny according to their choice. I think this is the best thing I have ever done. For the best bunny, I go with the Custom Plush Toys. At least try once for your kid’s happiness

Carolyn Gill March 08, 2021

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