The Top 5 Tips for Traveling With a Little One

Most parents have the misconception that traveling with a baby is a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be! Moms and dads, we’re here to make this process easier. Consider these top five tips for traveling with a little one before hitting the road or hopping on a plane.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Organization is the key to parenting. Going with the flow often leads to chaos; this is especially true when talking about traveling. Moms and dads, it’s best to schedule your entire trip to avoid the unexpected. If you’re driving, make sure you know where all the pitstops are in case someone needs a break. Fliers should book a nonstop flight instead of one with multiple layovers. The consistency will help minimize the craziness of traveling.

Bring Fun Distractions

One reason why little ones get fussy while traveling is because they’re bored. Babies and tots have trouble communicating these feelings, so this frustration turns into tears and yelling. It’s no fun for anyone! One way to avoid this anger and boredom is to bring fun distractions for the journey. Pack their favorite toys so that they have something to keep themselves occupied. The kiddos will feel better, and Mom and Dad can embrace the newfound silence.

Double Up on the Essentials

Every parent knows the struggle of carrying a heavy diaper bag. Unfortunately, that bag gets even heavier when traveling. Why? You must double up on the essentials when you’re going to a new destination. No one wants to deal with a situation where they’re out of diapers or wipes. Trust us; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Avoid Germs

Avoiding germs is another one of the top five tips for traveling with a little one. This advice is incredibly beneficial for people traveling by plane. Babies and tots have weaker immune systems than their parents. Also, this may be the first time the little one is around other people. So pack up those antibacterial wipes and try your best to put a mask on the kiddo. No one wants to get sick on vacation!

Sleep Whenever Possible

Every new parent knows to sleep when their baby sleeps. This classic rule applies to travel too! It’s easy to understand that children might have trouble sleeping on a plane or in a car. For this reason, when they finally close their eyes, you should too. This advice makes traveling easier, but traveling is still exhausting. You need to rest up to have energy for the rest of the trip.

Hopefully, these tips make traveling with a kiddo a little easier. After all, everyone should enjoy the journey, not dread it. Make sure you get top-notch baby gifts from Bunnies by the Bay before you head off. We have personalized blankets, stuffed animals, and lovies your baby will become obsessed with. Shop our collection before the first day of vacation so that you’re prepared.

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