How To Create a Playroom That Grows With Your Child

Playrooms should act as judgment-free spaces where kiddos can express themselves. Youngsters deserve to have a place where they can let loose and not take over the whole house—moms and dads know what that looks like! Yet the most challenging part of designing such an area is ensuring the little one will enjoy it for years to come. Parents, read this guide on how to create a playroom that grows with your child. If you do things right, your young’un will adore the space from the time they are born until they enter school and beyond.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Parents, you know better than anyone how toys can slowly take over a household. For this reason, invest in the right storage options for your child’s playroom. The storage units should be large enough to hold bigger toys for when the kids get older, like racecars, and smaller items like custom loveys. Adults must also ensure that the storage lockers/bins are secured to the wall. The last thing you want is to hear a BOOM from the next room, followed by tearful cries.

Another way to prevent accidents from happening is to make the storage units accessible to the kiddos. Don’t put toys on higher shelves where the kiddos might try to get things themselves. Instead, attempt to keep things on their level, so it’s easy for them to reach.

The Beauty of Artwork

Artwork is another way to create a playroom that grows with your child is by hanging artwork. How adorable are little ones’ scribbles? You can hang these doodles in the room as they grow up. Every little one would love a museum of their artwork they can proudly show to their friends and family. Additionally, a benefit of hanging artwork is that you can change it as your child’s interests change, and as their art skills develop. When they’re infants, you can hang pictures of Baby Shark—just get ready to play the song 100 times that day! Then you can switch these posters as the children age. Perhaps you’ll replace Baby Shark with pictures of Taylor Swift or the Chicago Cubs. Artwork can evolve as your little one does.

Wall decals are another way to express your kiddo’s evolution. You might hang a Disney quote on the wall if you have a newborn. Artwork for newborns should be very colorful and enticing as well. You can replace this quote and colors with something else that interests them as they age. Perhaps a love for Disney will turn into an interest in sports or music or science. Take advantage of these decals because they’re so easy to replace as your youngster gets older.

Reading and Rest Time

Kids should be read to and start reading as early as possible and continue to do so as they age, even if interest starts to decline as they become busier with activities. As a result, you should create a reading nook in their playroom. Parents, you can begin by cuddling up in a pile of pillows in the corner and read to them as newborns. You’ll love seeing their elfin faces as they stare up at you as you change your voice for different characters. Eventually, your child can take over voicing characters as they get older, sparking their imaginations and letting them find express their creativity Consider putting a plush rocking chair in the corner where they can get cozy and read when they want to.

The reading nook should be comfortable since it may turn into a napping station. There’s nothing more precious than seeing your little one drift off into dreamland as you read to them. Older kids might even put themselves to sleep reading when they’re older. The reading nook should be designed for rest and relaxation. Parents, be careful—you’re susceptible to a reading-time nap, too!

Imagination Station

Your playroom will grow with your child if you leave room for a little creativity. Imagination is one of the best aspects of childhood. Parents, you should try to foster these attributes as much as possible. So, designate some of the playroom to be an “imagination station.” Here, kiddos can draw and create works of art using their own minds. Children can also develop stories they’ll read to you later in the day, eventually creating their own library of stories that will give them pride. Creating a space that fosters creativity is a benefit to you and your children.

The Physicality of Play

Children become more physical as they age. Moms and dads, you know the struggle of wrangling in the little ones for dinner. Kids love to run and move! Your best bet is to make an area where they can run around safely. Perhaps hang a swing or cool chair in the room. Another thought is to build an age-appropriate rock-climbing wall. Obviously, the height will depend on the age of the child, but safety always comes first. The climbing wall should be tall enough to pose a challenge to them, but with proper safety and security in place. Consider investing in safety mats, and bonus, they can be used for tumbling too! There are tons of ways to make your playroom a more physically active space that’s perfect for kiddos as they age.

Learning Life Skills

Children love to emulate their parents—after all, you are your child’s first superhero! Little ones imitate their parents by playing house, going to work, and pretending to cook. As a result, try to implement some life skills toys in the playroom. Perhaps set up a kitchen in the corner where kiddos can play restaurant. You can even get a toy car that your little one can use to pretend they’re going to work—the options are endless! Your kids will love feeling like a grownup in their playroom, even though we want them to stay little as long as possible, it’s never to early to start teaching life skills.

Many parents underestimate the importance of a designated playroom. Without one, the children will slowly take over the house. Also, there’s no need to worry; the playroom can evolve in design and function as your kids do. For starters, the space may implement simple patterns of bright colors for newborns. However, you can make the designs more complex as your children age. It’s important to note that even though kids get older, you can keep nostalgic baby toys in the area to remind them and you of their early days, those objects have brought them comfort, and will continue to for many years to come Start your playroom design today by shopping with Bunnies by the Bay. We have everything you need to create the perfect space for your little one.

How To Create a Playroom That Grows With Your Child

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