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A new family tradition this Thanksgiving season!


I’m Megan Delgado, creator of the Gracious Gobbler.  As a family of six, our days can become very hectic. The Gracious Gobbler has provided our family with an opportunity to slow down and spend a month as a family focusing on what matters most through kindness, reflection, and notes of appreciation.  We feel the opportunity to build strong values starts at home as a family and that there is a strong connection between gratitude and kindness.


Gracious Gobbler Book and Plush Turkey


Follow These Steps For the month of November (November 1-Thanksgiving)

  1. Bring a Gracious Gobbler into your home. Let its presence be a reminder to practice kindness on a daily basis and to be grateful for the kindness others have shown. 
  2. Reflect at the end of the day, as a family, on the acts of kindness exhibited by your family that day. Talk about how others may have shown kindness.  It is important to be grateful for the material things in our life but it’s worth teaching our kids to be grateful for the people in our lives and the importance of being grateful for the kindness we receive from those we encounter throughout our day.
  3. The Gracious Gobbler will leave a note every evening for the family to read the following morning. It will acknowledge someone in the home for their efforts the previous day. As a parent, I often get caught up in how hectic our days are. I find the number of negative comments can outweigh the good. A note not only reinforces the good behavior and acknowledges someone for their efforts, it forces me to start focusing on the good things happening around us. It allows me to be more intentional on reinforcing the positive rather than constantly focusing on the negative.Gracious Gobbler Children's Book
  4. A portion of proceeds will go toward non-profit organizations bettering literacy and education in the United States.  This season, we are giving back to the International Dyslexia Association and their efforts in the United States.  We believe that empowering children through values and education gives them every opportunity to reach their greatest potential and better our world.
 Gracious Gobbler Plush
I hope you will love the Gracious Gobbler as much as we do.  I hope it allows your family to slow down and see the good around us as we all contribute to creating a world of kindness.  I hope it brings a little extra grace to your home this holiday season.

- Megan Delgado, Creator of Gracious Gobbler

Gracious Gobbler Plush

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When contacted by founder and author Megan Delgado we were thrilled to partner with her to create the custom Gracious Gobbler plush turkey to go with the Thanksgiving children's book! We hope this tradition and turkey will grace the homes of families worldwide. We could not be any more grateful ourselves to have the opportunity to help bring more kindness and gratitude into this world. 

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OMG You are the best my heart, is so with you. My brother who is now, and became a Professor at a well known TECH school who as a kid could not read or write because of his “disabilitiy” became a person and someone that continues to contribute to our creative world. He is amazing PLEASE look him up on face book or instagram what he does and what he has accomplished is unbelievablel! Look at his work BRIAN FERR’E his life was had a challenge but our Mother saw it and brought him through it! Thank you for making this a fore front in who a
challenge. IT is not a challenge but a road path to greatness!

Linda Watters December 17, 2019

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