Memorable Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

Looking for creative ways to fill a child’s Easter basket that don’t involve even more sugary sweets? We’ve put together a list of kid-friendly Easter basket gift ideas. They’re sure to make this Easter one to remember!

Notebook and Pen

This is a fun idea for kids who are already drawing or writing. A small notebook means that a child can carry them along anywhere, too! Having a notebook gives kids somewhere to write down their thoughts and feelings, and that can help them better understand what they’re experiencing. Journaling is a great way to help kids develop emotional regulation, and it encourages good mental health. Pastel colors and even Easter designs on the notebook cover will match with an Easter basket perfectly!

Little Girl With Notebook and Pen for Easter

Kids Watercolor Set

Compact kid’s watercolor sets are a perfect gift for Easter! Small enough to fit in an Easter basket, and perfect for kids who are learning about colors and using their imagination! Watercolors are a great way for kids to experiment with colors, with mixing them together and putting them next to each other. Cake watercolor in a plastic box helps keep things less messy, too. 

The Perfect Easter Bunny

Would it really be Easter without a stuffed bunny? The Wee Nibble bunny is 8 inches tall; the perfect size to fit into any Easter basket and leave room for gifts and candy too! It has buttery soft fur and embroidered features that make it safe for kids of all ages to play with. Wee Nibble comes in cream, pink, and a soft grey, all perfect colors for the Easter holiday. You can even buy it with a personalized easter basket to fill up with goodies!

Wee Nibble Stuffed Bunny Cream

A Storybook

A storybook is a great Easter basket idea! Reading is a great habit to encourage, and if your kid isn’t reading age yet, check out the benefits of reading with your child! What’s better for Easter than a book about a bunny? The Who Says Peep Peep board book features Bloom bunny and favorite animals from Good Friends Farm! For older kids, you can check out our list of Stories to Read With Your Bunny, there are some great early chapter books listed!

A Craft Kit

For crafty kids who love seeing something useful when they’re done, a small craft kit makes a perfect addition to an Easter basket! A small cross stitch kit designed for kids works great, or even a small model building kit for the little builder in your life! Creating something lets kids feel a sense of accomplishment when they’re finished, and the process helps with hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. Also, they’re fun to build!

Little Girl Doing Easter Crafts

Easter Socks

Kids go through clothes fast, especially socks! Whether they’re losing them, growing out of them, or wearing holes in them with so much running around, socks are always great gifts. Even better if they have a cute easter design on them! The great thing about socks is that they’re a gift appropriate for any age kid, since they come in all kinds of sizes, colors, and designs!

Easter Socks

Easter Crayons

Every kid likes to color with crayons! You can make extra special Easter crayons by melting the stubs of your kids’ used crayons and pouring the wax into egg or bunny shaped silicone molds (like the ones they sell for making candy!). Once they’re cool, pop them out! You can swirl together colors, too, so that every line they draw is a surprise! You could throw in a small coloring book, too!

Bunnies By The Bay has a variety of Easter gift ideas for kids as well as classic, personalized items they’ll love year-round. We offer free shipping options in the continental United States, so order today!

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