How To Draw With The Artist of Bunnies By The Bay

" Every Child Is An Artist, The Problem is Staying An Artist When You Grow Up." - Pablo Picasso

Grab your paper, pencils, or tablet! Our amazing illustrator has made a few fantastic "How To Draw" videos to teach some of our favorite Bunnies By The Bay Characters. Let's beat those boredom blues and bring out some creativity and happiness in our friends through art!

Join along as she teaches how to draw Bud Bunny, the baby of the Bunnies By The Bay bunch.


And once you draw a bunny, don't forget to try your hand at the loveable Skipit the Pup too.  


Thank you Jess, for bringing Glad Dreams into our hearts and homes and sharing your talents and beautiful spirit with the world. 

Bunnies By The Bay Bunny Art


Absolutely loved this lesson. Can we have more please – in different positions or profiles for Bud?

Irene Findley April 19, 2020

The video was perfect I needed something creative to do while I am home due to the virus.
I love your sweet drawings.
Thank you so much

iandolo April 09, 2020

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