Bunnies with Masks Bring Comfort

At Bunnies By The Bay, our mission is to Give Glad Dreams.   What this means is we provide the Gift Giver high quality, super soft and over the top cute product to show their love, care, and comfort to someone they love and care about. From the design and development to the gift packaging, we take extra care knowing that many times this gift will be given when the gift giver can't be there in person. In these troubling times, we know this is more important than ever, and our hope is that we can continue to bring comfort and Glad Dreams to all those we can. 

In the United States, the CDC, the White House, some state governments and many local governments are recommending we all wear face masks when social distancing is not easy to maintain. This is new and will take time to get used to for everyone.  At Bunnies By the Bay, we recognize wearing face masks can be scary to a child, and difficult to get them to wear and to keep on.  Our job as parents, grandparents and special people in a child’s lives is to make wearing a face mask easier. With that in mind, we added masks to our most popular stuffed animals, our Wee Plush.   We hope these stuffed animals will be your child’s “best friends” as we note in our bunny charm.   We also hope they can be a teaching tool for wearing a mask and making wearing a mask a little easier for them and for everyone in the family. 

Wee Bloom with Face Mask Wee Bloom with Face Mask

Wee Kiddo with Face MaskWee Kiddo with Face Mask

Wee Rutabaga Stuffed Animal Bunny with Face MaskWee Rutabaga with Face Mask

Wee Ittybit Bunny with Face MaskWee Ittybit Bunny with Face Mask

About 6 weeks ago, so many things changed for our business, our work family and our own families.  In Washington State, where the headquarters of Bunnies By The Bay is located, our State had shot to the top of the national news as the Corona Virus/COVID 19 hot spot in the United States.   We began to feel disruption personally and professionally.  But we, like many people and businesses did not fully comprehend what was going to happen.

Now like most of the country we are under a “Stay at Home, Stay Healthy” order from our governor.  We have closed our store locations, most of our team is now working from home, and we are one of many businesses experiencing a slow reaction to receiving an SBA loan due to the overwhelming need.   It is a scary, unnerving and unknown place for all of us. 

We send up our prayers, gratitude, positive vibes and thoughts to all of those who are impacted by the COVID 19 virus. There are not many people who have not been impacted by the virus.  We especially send our comfort, prayers to those who have lost anyone to the virus.  Loss is not easy.  Loss is especially vicious in the environment of COVID 19.  

We have an overwhelming sense of gratitude to all first responders and essential workers who everyday make sacrifices, so we and those who we love can live.  For all the good that has been given is such a terrible time, we hope those who are doing good will feel our gratitude and appreciation now and for the rest of their lives.

"Look for the Helpers" - Mr. Rogers

We are also grateful for all of the customers that come to us to provide gifts of comfort and kindness to the ones they love. We appreciate each and every one of you!

Be Healthy, Well and Safe

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