Adorable Maternity Leave Gifts for Employees

Before your employee goes on maternity leave, give her a gift she and her baby will love. Show your appreciation for her and your well-wishes for her family with one of these adorable maternity gifts for employees.

Wearable Blanket

A wearable blanket—also known as a sleep sack—keeps a baby warm like a blanket does, but is worn like clothing. While the wearable blanket encloses the baby’s torso, legs, and feet, it does not have sleeves. The soft material keeps baby comfortably snug, and the snaps or zipper enclosure makes it easy for parents to dress the baby for bed.

The Cuddle Me Wearable Blanket from Bunnies by the Bay is made with soft velour, comfortable for a newborn with a sensitive umbilical cord. The hidden zipper and satin trim elevate the style, and the sweet, embroidered carrot on the chest adds a touch of whimsy. Consider getting the coordinating Cuddle Me Adult Plush Robe for Mom to match.

Lovey Toy

Another adorable maternity gift for employees is a lovey. Also known as a comfort object, a lovey can be one of the baby’s first friends. A lovey should be soft for cuddles and squeezes, easy for a baby to hold and for a toddler to carry around. The lovey helps soothe baby during times of uneasiness and is a companion for happy moments, too.

Knotty Friend loveys feature stuffed animals with soft velour bodies and knotted arms and legs. The baby can gently chew on the knots, which can especially soothe teething babies. And parents can untie a knotted arm or leg, add a pacifier, then re-tie to keep the pacifier with the baby. Choose between a lamb, puppy, or bunny knotty friend.

Book and Toy Gift Set

If you want to encourage the baby to become a lifelong reader, give a gift set that includes a toy and accompanying book. As Mom reads the book, the baby can hold, squeeze, pet, and cuddle the toy featured as a character in the story! It’s a great way to make reading more interactive between parents and babies.

Bunnies by the Bay carries many thoughtful gift boxes that include a book and toy, and some gift boxes include additional items such as a coordinating outfit, chime rattle, lovey, or slippers. Each box is a complete gift that will help Mom and baby bond through storytime.

Celebrate Mom and Baby With Bunnies by the Bay

Help your employee enjoy her maternity leave and bonding time with her baby; a personalized gift for boys from Bunnies by the Bay makes it easy. You can personalize the gifts on this list and many of our other offerings with a custom embroidered message—make your selection today.

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