Adorable and Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Baby Girls

Celebrate the arrival of spring and new life with a festive Easter basket. While people fill most Easter baskets with sweets, a baby has other needs and wants. Discover adorable and unique Easter basket ideas for baby girls.

1. Bunny or Lamb Pacifier Holder

Keep your baby’s pacifier close with a stuffed animal pacifier holder. Rabbit and lamb Silly Buddy Pacifier Holders from Bunnies by the Bay are perfect for spring.

Rabbits come in pink, gray, white, and blue, while the white lamb features a fluffy head. All you have to do is loop the stuffed animal’s hand around the pacifier.

2. Lovey Blanket

Another idea for a baby girl’s adorable Easter basket is to include a unique lovey blanket. Our lovey blankets are stuffed animals that have soft blanket bodies.

The split blanket design features velour fabric with satin trim, perfect for comforting cuddles. Choose from our Buddy Blankets embroidered with carrots for a timely Easter touch.

3. Carrot Rattle

Get ready for the cutest candid Easter photos of your little one! This special rattle looks like a chunky orange carrot topped with crinkly greenery. Your baby will love squeezing the soft velour fabric embroidered with the phrase “Shake rattle and nibble.”

4. Friendly Chime

Soothe and entertain your baby with a Friendly Chime rattle. Our chiming rattles look like sweet stuffed animals and have faces with friendly embroidered features. Rattles come in pink rabbit, white rabbit, gray rabbit, and white lamb animal designs and will make a charming addition to your little one’s Easter basket.

5. Gift Bucket Set

Your little girl’s Easter basket doesn’t have to be a wicker basket. Our gift bucket sets contain gift items in a soft fabric bucket for toting. Bucket designs include a white rabbit, a pink rabbit, and a spotted puppy. Add a custom embroidered message to create an extra personalized detail.

In addition to the multi-use bucket, gift sets feature items such as books, plush toys, and baby rattles. These curated favorites will delight your little one with endless entertainment.

At Bunnies by the Bay, we celebrate fresh starts all year round! Create a unique Easter basket with our collectible baby gifts filled with charm.

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