A List of the Best Gifts for Baby Boys

Welcoming a new baby into the world is always an occasion to celebrate, and what better way than with a sweet gift that says “welcome, we love you!” From clothes to stuffed animals, lovies, and personalized gifts, there’s a huge variety of options to choose from. However, some might say that choosing the right gift for a baby boy is a little bit trickier than it is for baby girls. Stores generally have a lot more items to choose from in terms of clothes and accessories for girls vs. boys, so you might just find yourself a little lost when shopping for the new man in your life. I know- as a mom to a young son and daughter, I’ve had a much harder time thinking of gifts to give my son! That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the most popular and highly rated baby boy gifts (many that have been purchased by me and used by my own son) that are perfect for birthdays, holidays, christenings, and more!

Baby Boy Gift

Hand and Footprint Keepsake Kit


Handprint Keepsake Kit

This gift is great for any new baby in your life; what parents don’t want a keepsake of their new little one’s tiny hands and feet? This kit from Amazon lets you mold your baby’s little fingers and toes in a smooth, toxic-free clay that’s easy to use (even for squirmy little ones!). You’ll be left with a tasteful display of your baby’s handprints and footprints that you can cherish for years to come. As your babe gets older, they’ll also enjoy looking at this to see how much they’ve grown!

Mustache Pacifier

Mustache Pacifier

How cute are these pacifiers designed for little boys? Made with 100% BPA Free silicone, they are dishwasher safe and can easily be sanitized. Help your little one calm down and fall asleep quickly with one of these funny pacis! They also make a great gift with a little added humor from a fun aunt or uncle. 

Fisher-price Rainforest Jumparoo

Rainforest Jumparoo Baby Exerciser

This is a gift that’s been tested personally by both of my kids, as well as by over 17,000 other people on Amazon! The reviews don’t lie- this affordable jumparoo will be a favorite for your baby boy. Complete with lights, a variety of animal sounds, and a soft seat designed perfectly with baby in mind, this jumparoo provides 360 degrees of play that will definitely keep your little one engaged. It also has 3 different height adjustments so it can grow as they do, and it’s free-standing; no doorway is required!

Tasty Tie 

Tasty Tie | Baby Teething Tie

A teether that’s effective and adorable all at the same time- what’s not to like? These cute little ties clip onto baby boy’s shirt and are the perfect length to lift up and chew on. The teether is made of silicone so it’s safe and effective for teething babes, and the tie even doubles as a crinkle toy. It’s great to help keep kids entertained in the car, and the best part? They’ll look adorable when they’re using it. 

Diaper Bag/ Changing Station/ Backpack

Diaper Bag Changing Station Backpack

This is the gift that keeps on giving because it’s really like 3 gifts in one! This versatile diaper bag can also be used as a changing station and a portable baby bassinet! That means that baby can have a diaper change and a nap just about anywhere. Additionally, it’s been my experience that my son will do everything he can to NOT sit still during a diaper change. This really makes it difficult when I’m trying to change him anywhere that’s not his regular changing pad on the floor of his bedroom. Thus, this changing station with mesh walls is perfect for little boys who wiggle all over the place and may try to escape during a diaper change.

Peepee Teepee

PeePee TeePees | Baby Boy Diaper Changing Accessory

Speaking of the challenges of diaper changes, these 100% cotton, absorbent, soft cloths will save anyone who’s trying to change a little boy! Give the gift of protection from baby sprinkles by gifting a 5 pack of Peepee Teepees. They’re affordable and come in a variety of prints and colors. This is another gift that I can say has been tested and guaranteed to be effective in my own house.

Baby Box Gift Set for Boys

Baby Gift Set

Image via

Etsy has a wide variety of box sets perfect for gifting to the parents of a new little boy. They contain a variety of items from blankets, teethers, and shoes to personalized lovies, milestone markers, and more.  They’re packaged beautifully and contain high-quality and (in many cases) handmade items. 

Honest Company Baby Gift Set

Honest Company Baby Gift Set

Another gift set we love is this one from the Honest Company. It’s full of all the things you need to get started when bringing home a new baby- diapers, wipes, shampoo, body wash, lotion, hand sanitizer, diaper cream, and more. And because all these products are made by Honest, you can be sure that they’re made with toxic-free materials that are gentle and safe for even the smallest babies. Now, this gift set is certainly appropriate for kids of any gender, but because Honest Company’s branding color is a teal blue, it certainly looks great when gifting it to a new baby boy!

Baby Boy Gift Set | Bunnies By The Bay

Bunnies by the Bay also offers a variety of gift sets specifically created for baby boys, designed with a variety of ages in mind, and complete with a decorative gift box. Check out our list of personalized sets as well if you want something a little extra special.


Written By: Ali Johnson

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I wanted you to know, that when I sent the most recent package to my great-grandsons, I wrapped them in your adorable tissue papers!

Bonnie Sullivan June 03, 2022

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