7 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

It can be hard to decide how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids, especially if you don’t want to load them up with sugary candy. We put together this list of fun gift ideas that will make for a happy Valentine’s Day even for the little ones in your life.

1. Valentine’s Day Craft Kit

This one is easy to put together on your own. You can include a glue stick, some glitter, some cut out felt hearts, some construction paper, markers… whatever you can think of that your wee ones might need to make Valentine’s Day crafts! Making crafts has a ton of benefits for kids, including improving fine motor skills, and helping to develop focus and problem solving skills. Plus, making crafts is fun! You can pack all the craft supplies in a wooden box or other container, so they’re all stored together and ready to use.

Valentine's Day Craft Kit for Kids

2. Homemade Glitter Play Dough

This red, cinnamon scented glitter play dough is perfect for a kid’s Valentine’s Day gift, with the extra bonus that they can help you make it! The dough is made with items you probably already have around the house! Play dough is a toy that helps kids develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, plus helping to make the dough gives kids a chance to practice measuring and math! Package the dough up with a small rolling pin and some heart-shaped cookie cutters and let the fun begin!

3. A Sweet Stuffed Bunny

Did you know that rabbits were associated with love in Greek and Roman folklore? That makes the bunny the perfect emblem of Valentine’s Day! A sweet stuffed bunny is a great gift for kids of any age, and a pink Sweet Nibble bunny is the perfect color for the holiday. These stuffed bunnies are soft and huggable, and safe for all ages. You may want a smaller bunny for littler hands, but don’t worry! We have all different sizes of stuffed bunnies and there’s sure to be one perfect for your little one.

Sweet Pink Stuffed Bunny Rabbit and Baby

4. Kissing Piggy Stuffed Animals

If you’re crafty, you can make these little piggies for your little ones! You can make them big or small, and to make them kiss, just sew a magnet into the nose! These little stuffed pigs are so cute, and when made big they can also be used as a naptime pillow. They’re made from soft towels and cotton fabric, so they’ll be soft on kids’ skin and fun to hold and cuddle. The little hearts on their backs make them perfect for Valentine’s Day, too!

If you’re not so crafty, check out our Hammie the pig stuffed animal! He’s fuzzy, cute, and perfectly pink!

Hammie the Pig Stuffed Animal from Bunnies By The Bay

5. Valentine’s Day Pencil Toppers

This is great if your kids want to make Valentine’s Day gifts for their little friends! Just get some Valentine’s Day themed pencils and top them off with some pipe cleaner hearts for that extra special touch. Easy to put together with just a little help, and inexpensive enough to make one for each of their friends, this lovely gift is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

6. Valentine’s Day Heart Rocks

This is another one that’s easy for kids to make with a little help. All you need is rocks, glue, and glitter! You can take kids outside with you to hunt for the perfect little rocks to decorate. Then just bring them home, wash and dry them, and let the art begin! These sweet little rocks can also be given to friends as Valentine’s Day gifts; nothing says friendship like a homemade gift!

7. Celtic Heart Knot Friendship Bracelets

Here’s a craft that bigger kids can make by themselves! All you need is cord and scissors. The end product is a gorgeous friendship bracelet that says “I love you” to your child’s friends. Use contrasting colors to make the knot really pop. These are easy to combine with a paper valentine to make this gift extra special!

Celtic Heart Knot Friendship Bracelet



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