4 Gift Ideas for Kids About To Become Older Siblings

If you’re expecting a new addition to the family and have a child about to become an older sibling, you may be looking for ways to smooth this transition. Going from an only child to an older sibling is difficult, but gifts that incorporate your child’s likes and their new role will help. Keep reading to find four gift ideas for kids who are about to become older siblings.

A Personalized Book

One of the best ways to prepare kids for a new sibling is to read books that address the topic. Books can spark conversation and give children a sense of what to expect, especially when they see themselves in one of the characters. You can make it even more special by getting a personalized book that uses your child’s name and features them as the star in the story.

Role-Playing Toys

Kids learn best through play, and toys that allow them to role-play as an older sibling can be helpful tools in the transition process. They can even practice what they see in the books we mentioned above. Dolls or stuffed animals can allow them to pretend to care for and interact with a baby sibling. You can even consider buying a personalized toy with the new baby’s name on it to lean further into the role-playing.

A Photo Album or Memory Box

As the family grows, keeping memories and mementos becomes even more important. An album or memory box that documents your child’s journey as a big sibling can make for a heartfelt and meaningful gift. Encourage your child to take photos, write notes, and collect items like hospital bracelets or newborn onesies. You can also include pictures of them with their new sibling, family milestones, and special moments. This will help them remember that they’re just as important as the new baby.

Identical Gifts

The new baby is going to receive a lot of gifts. While you can’t buy two or ask for two of everything, you can bring some identical gifts home. For example, if you’re getting a personalized blanket or stuffed animal for the new baby, get one for your older child with their name as well. Owning the same gifts will help them feel as loved as the new baby and excited to share these items with them when they arrive.

These four gift ideas for kids about to become older siblings will help you get your child excited for their new role. Personalized gifts for baby girls and boys—and their older siblings—will also help that excitement. Invest in keepsakes for both your children so that everyone is ready for the new baby.

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