3 Must-Have Baby Essentials To Save Your Sanity

After the labor, you will be in pain, sleep deprived, and stressed. Hopefully, you have help, but not everyone has a reliable support system, and even the most diligent partners will need to go back to work eventually. When that happens, you and your little one will likely be alone, at least for a few hours.

You need to accommodate yourself in as many areas of your life as possible during this tough time. Whether that’s hiring a housekeeper or buying ready meals, you should do what is best for you, mama! Having these must-have baby essentials on hand can really help save your sanity.

A Baby Carrier

Having your hands free to take care of your other kiddos or make up a bottle is an absolute lifesaver. The Baby Bjorn carrier is a great option, as you can use it for infants as little as eight pounds. You can choose to face your newborn in or out, and this particular carrier is really easy to handle.

Having the freedom to move around and clean or make yourself lunch with both hands free is incredibly liberating. You’ll feel more independent while still taking care of your little one.

A Diaper Bag Backpack

While the tote-style diaper bags are super cute, the backpack-style option is much more convenient. Just think, if you opt for the tote bag, you’ll be trying to keep it from sliding off your shoulder while juggling an infant at the same time. You’ll be down an arm and likely much more frustrated.

The backpack, however, is hands-free. You won’t have to worry about keeping it in place. Plus, the weight of all your baby’s stuff will be much easier to manage when you can evenly distribute it over both shoulders.

Pacifier Clips

So simple, yet so useful. Invest in a few pacifier clips if your little one uses a pacifier. These keep their pacifier tethered to their clothes so that it doesn’t land on the floor when they inevitably drop it. This handy gadget saves you the trouble of crawling around on the floor looking for it!

These baby essentials to save your sanity are a must-add to your baby shower registry. For more essential items and ideas for custom baby shower gifts to ask for, check out our collection at Bunnies By the Bay.

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