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Bunnies By The Bay

Encourage your little one to hop, or walk, the right way, in these too cute bunny shoes from Wee Squeak® with the signature "squeak of success"! From encouraging babies to take their first steps, or to enforce the development of proper heel-to-toe walking (instead of tippy-toes), the squeak of these shoes provides the just-right amount of encouragement. 

Darling pearly white design with pink stitching bunny face and perky little bunny ears made to delight your sweet little girl!

Soft and comfy man-made leather upper and flexible rubber soles, these shoes are soft, yet durable, made to stand up to the daily wears of your toddling little ones. With a padded heel collar, supportive footbed, and adjustable hook and loop straps for just the right fit, these shoes are not only adorable but a great value too!

When choosing the right size it is recommended that with the child standing, measure from the back of the child's heel to the tip of the longest toe using inches. Use this measurement to select the appropriate size in the chart provided. Add some extra space for socks and growth. Ages are approximate.

This item is sold out!

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