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Bunnies By The Bay

Skipit Puppy Gift Bucket Set features favorites from our Skpit Puppy collection of gifts. The perfect, most adorable gifts in a multiple-use gift bucket! Add custom embroidery to create a personalized gift to be remembered for a lifetime. 


  • Skipit Puppy Gift Bucket
  • Best Friends Indeed Board Book
  • Little Skipit - Plush Dog
  • Friendly Chime Blue Puppy Baby Rattle


    • Skipit Puppy Gift Bucket:  The perfect soft bucket to present the most perfectly delightful gift. Cream canvas with a sweet embroidered puppy face and floppy ears attached to the handle for easy personalization.  
    • Best Friends Indeed Board BookWatching over a wee bunny named Bud is a perfect task for a busy pup named Skipit. Beautifully illustrated board book with a delightful story of friendship.
    • Little Skipit - Plush Dog: A little love goes a long way when it’s puppy love! This stuffed animal has velvety soft, biscuit-cream and warm chocolate fur body., hand embroidered face, and rosy cheeks. This little Skipit puppy dog pal is sure to be your new best friend indeed!
    • Friendly Chime Blue Puppy Baby Rattle:  The perfect rattle, that gives a friendly chime when you shake it, that is both soothing and entertaining for baby! Friendly Chime Bunny is made of soft white velour with adorably perky bunny ears and hand-embroidered details for the face, with pinked cheery cheeks, and soft dangling arms for chewing and soothing.

    In addition to a memorable presentation, our gift sets are an exceptional gift at an exceptional price, bundled together you save 10% versus purchasing items separately.

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    This item is sold out!

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