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Bunnies By The Bay

Make a lasting impression with a great baby gift from Bunnies By The Bay! Add this personalized basket and we will create a lovely gift arrangement with the other items in your order.  Each basket comes with a folding handle and PVC liner for easy cleanup and storage. Vanilla crinkle grass completes the look and holds your goodies in place. We will place the items from your order into the basket, make sure everything is arranged nicely, perfectly ready for gifting!

This natural wooden rectangular basket measures 5"H * 8.5"W * 10" D and holds a little plush, book, security item, rattle or teether combination of 3-4 items for an adorable gifting presentation. 

Personalize the basket with a pink, blue or cream ribbon with baby's name or as a gift tag, for example:  “Love, Nana”

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This item is sold out!

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