RETIRED - Hutch Studio Original - Sofie Singalong - Hand-Crafted Cotton & Knit Bird

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Bunnies By The Bay Hutch Studio Original

Hand-crafted by artist Krys Kirkpatrick, this one-of-a-kind cotton & knit bird has a soft body, and a sweet pinafore dress made of 100% cotton and detailed with hand-drawn floral art and dainty embroidery. Floppy legs, flappy wings, impressive bird feet, and a dignified beak. Trims may include flowers, ribbons, buttons, bows,  pom-poms and other charming accouterments. Embroidered face, beak, and signature blushed cheeks make for the final charming touches in this exquisite creation. 

Approximately 12" in height

This item is sold out!

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