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Bunnies By The Bay

Cuddle up with Harey the Bunny Rabbit and Mo the Mole and read their tale of " A Friendship Built to Last" about two neighbors who work together and build the bond of a forever friendship in the process. 

This gift set contains the following:

  • "A Friendship Built to Last Book" - See what happens when a shy rabbit meets a busy mole, and learn the nuts and bolts of building a lasting friendship! This delightfully illustrated book teaches life lessons with the wit, whim, and heart that Bunnies By The Bay is loved for.

Stars of the book, Harey and Mo make a perfect gifting combination with this delightful tale that is fun for all ages. 

    • 38 pages. 7” x 7”
  • Harey the Bunny Rabbit: Hiding under a bush? Oh, no, not Harey the Bunny Rabbit -- he’s one of the gang.   Warm almond scraggly fur body with handcrafted, embroidered face and a very bushy white tail. Harey is our favorite little bunny rabbit woodland friend over at Camp Cricket. 
    • Size: 11"
    • Surface Wash
    • 100% Polyester
    • Imported
  • Mo the Mole: On Cricket Island moles are cute, indeed!  And this stuffed animal mole is made of the softest mushroom brown fur, embroidered and baby-safe face and a button covered nose, you just can’t resist.  Mo dawns a soft felt hard hat in vibrant orange ready for work and play!

    Size: 7” tall, 100% Polyester, Surface Wash

Gift Packaging Included

All bundled up in our signature gift box, complete with carrot tissue paper, logo sticker, and carrot logo ribbon, a gift presentation that will be remembered. In addition to a memorable presentation, our gift sets are an exceptional gift at an exceptional price, bundled together you save 10% versus purchasing items separately.

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