RETIRED - Farm Friends - Who Says Moo? Baby Gift Set

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Farm Friends - Who Says Moo? Baby Gift Set is the perfect gift for baby girl or boy! Moo Moo the Cow stuffed animal, lovey and the Who Says Peep? Book are sure to bring delight to all the littlest fans of the Good Friends Farm.

This Gift Set Contains The Following: 

Moo Moo the Cow Stuffed Animal: Moo Moo the Cow is moo-cho cute in cream and mocha brown shaggy fur with soft velour features. A favorite of all the Good Friends on the Farm this is udderly more than your average stuffed cow with a handsome blue checked bandana tied around his neck and a fun tuft of white hair upon his head. 

  • Size: 14". 100% Polyester. Surface Wash/Spot Clean Only. Imported.

Moo Moo Knotty Friend: What does a cow say?  Little ones will find the answer embroidered on this super soft security friend. A lovey and pacifier holder in one, their arms and legs are tied in knots for handy chewing and soothing.

Untie the knot and you can slip on your baby's favorite pacifier, making it even easier for baby to learn to self soothe.

Subtle embroidery of "Moo, Moo, Moo" gives baby another texture to feel and start to learn letters and animal sounds.

  • Size 10" Machine Wash & Air Dry. 100% Polyester. Imported.

Who Says Peep? Board Book: This favorite book is back with a re-design! Teach little ones animal sounds with our favorite Bloom Bunny and all the animals from the Good Friends Farm. Moo Moo the Cow, Hammie the Pig, Baa-bs the Sheep, Clucky the Chicken and Bucky the Horse are sure to delight every little one as they peep, peep, peep themselves to sleep. A perfect story to be part of your little one's learning adventures and sleep time rituals. 

  • 7" x 7" in size 16 pages in length

Gift Packaging Included

All bundled up in our signature gift box, complete with carrot tissue paper, logo sticker, and carrot logo ribbon, a gift presentation that will be remembered. In addition to a memorable presentation, our gift sets are an exceptional gift at an exceptional price, bundled together you save 10% versus purchasing items separately.



This item is sold out!

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