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Featuring our favorite Good Friends Farm chick. 

In response to the Coronavirus Disease, the Center for Disease Control has recommended that all individuals wear a cloth face mask or covering to slow the spread of COVID-19, especially when going to places such as grocery stores wear maintaining 6 feet of social distance at all times is challenging.

We have worked tirelessly in our own Hutch Studio to create a mask worthy of Cricket Island, and we have finally found what we believe to be the best match of quality, construction, and design, to aid in the protection of public health.

These adorable cloth face masks are great for teachers, grandparents, parents, or anyone who works with children. Constructed from double-layer tightly woven cotton fabric, with a pocket for a filter, and double bias cotton edging and ties, these masks exceed the requirements for general public use, and are adorably cute to boot!

During these scary times, we continue our mission of bringing comfort, kindness and Glad Dreams to all those we can, and making a mask that can bring happiness and smiles (even if hidden) is just another way we hope to continue along this path. We wish everyone to stay safe and healthy, and don't forget to wash your hands!

100% Cotton. Machine Wash and Dry Cool. 

Size:  10 inches across the face, 5 inches nose to chin.  The pocket holds a filter.  Pocket is 6 inches across the face, 5 inches nose to chin

This item is sold out!

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