In a sleepy fishing town off the Washington coast, two mischievous sisters grew up with the whimsical stories and sewing of their grandmother Elsa Attaberry. During the long fishing season, Gram would often tickle their imaginations with the tales of bunnies who had survived many hardships and who now lived in her garden.As they put their mending away, Gram would say, ā€œRun outside girls, go visit the bunnies and remember the charmā€¦..ā€Bunnies are our best friends indeed, they do delight and Give Glad Dreams." 

Years later, the world of Bunnies By The Bay began to take shape in response to tragic events. The now inseparable sisters, Krys and Suzanne, were unexpectedly propelled into navigating a wayward journey after their fatherā€™s fishing boat disappeared into the waters of the Bering Sea. At the same time far across the waters, a red thread began to spool as tragic events shaped the life of Jeanne. 

After a devastating earthquake decimated the village where she lived, young Jeanne found a way forward through the tragedy with her keen eye, sense of wonder, and ability to always see where she could help. Eventually the red threads of their own lives led the sisters Krys and Suzanne, to meet Jeanne, adopt her as their sister, and return to the mythical place where the bunnies lived, Cricket Island. Together the three sisters began an incredible journey. From terrible tragedy to hopeful healing, they were propelled by the thoughtful teachings of their Gram Elsa and a desire to help others overcome their own challenges. 

Today, Bunnies By The Bay uses these lessons learned over a lifetime to bring the bunnies and their friends to you. Our desire to bring love, comfort and security is the thread which is woven in all that we do. Telling stories of friendship, hope, and a belief that 

Everything can be rescued and mended, even broken hearts. 

And now we invite you to visit Cricket Island! Sail into the bay today and visit our whimsical world. Share in the stories, the characters, and the glad dreams that will inspire you and your loved ones for generations.

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