Does Bunnies By The Bay ever offer coupons or online promo codes?

Bunnies By The Bay is the authentic retailer for plush toys, baby blankets, and home of the most adorable Bye Bye buddies. If you find Bunnies By The Bay clothes, animals, room decor, or any other Bunnies By The Bay products discounted they may be counterfeit. When you buy directly from Bunnies By The Bay you are guaranteed that you are receiving 100% authentic goods suitable for your precious baby. The promo codes and coupons that you may find online for Bunnies By The Bay will not work online or in our stores. Retailers advertising large discounts on Bunnies By The Bay products may be selling unauthentic goods. 

What Makes Us Special


All of our products are made with the softest of fabrics. Perfectly made for cuddling and snuggling, and designed with safety in mind.


Designed with love and to be loved in our little workshop in Anacortes, WA, by the grandmothers who started the company.


We believe that everything can be mended, even broken hearts. If your lovey is damaged or goes missing, we'll help fix or find a replacement.

How will I know what specials, deals, and offers are on

Sign up for our emails to find out when we are running free shipping offers, distributing Bunnies By The Bay coupons, or promo codes. We'll send occasional emails notifying you of current Bunnies By The Bay discounts. You will find discounts on loviesstuffed animals, and even sale items

Can I find Bunnies By The Bay coupons on the internet?

Yes, you can but Bunnies By The Bay does not post any coupon codes or discounts on any other sites like:,,,, anything that says "Bunny Coupons". When you see "Bunnies By The Bay Coupons" on various sites, they are not real and we cannot honor them. Commonly used terms to watch out for are:

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Little Skipit Book Bundle-Book Bundle-SKU: 190291 - Bunnies By The Bay

Do I need a promo code or coupon to get a great deal at Bunnies By The Bay?

When you shop online, you don't need a coupon or a discount code because there are tons of deals and sale offers every day. Plus, the Bunnies By The Bay staff is here whenever you need us. Trust Bunnies By The Bay to outfit and care for your little ones. Shop in confidence online and expect to see something unique and different when you order from Bunnies By The Bay.