Cute Lovey Blankets with Stuffed Animal Heads

Soft and fluffy, our selection of Buddy blankets has attracted many loyal fans! The collection features a variety of characters, including plush floppy-eared bunnies, playful pups, sweet lambs, and even our newest additions, the woodland animal friends of Camp Cricket. Whether you’re shopping for baby blankets for your own child or a friend’s baby shower, you can’t go wrong with a Buddy blanket.

What is a Buddy Blanket™?

More than just a security blanket with animal heads, our Buddy Blankets are meant to be a favored companion throughout baby and toddler years. Like all of our security blankets, these European-quality Buddy blankets are designed with soft, colorful velour and are lined with silky satin. Blankets open in the back for safe and convenient snuggling and feature fun, hand-embroidered messages and details. These Buddies can be personalized with your baby’s name, initials or birth date. 

What's the use of a Security Blanket?

Pediatricians recommend that babies six months and older be given a security object to help comfort and soothe them when they’re away from their parents or heading into unfamiliar settings. Often used as a transitional object, our Buddy blankets can help to calm babies and relieve tension and anxiety – like a great friend that’s always by their side!

How to Care for a Security Blanket

Buddy baby blankets are machine washable in cold water. Most are okay to tumble dry on low heat, but some do require air-drying. Please make sure to read our product descriptions for care instructions.

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