Why Introducing a Lovey to Your Child Is Important

Your child relies on you for comfort, protection, and support. You cherish the moments you have with your little one, and you delight in their growth and well-being.

Every parent needs tools that help them fulfill their nurturing role. A lovey, also called a comfort object, can help you achieve your goals. Read on to learn why introducing a lovey to your child is important.

1. A Lovey Helps Your Child Feel Secure

One of the best reasons to give your child a lovey is to help your little one feel secure. A lovey can be a blanket or a toy that your child bonds with. Our Buddy Blanket and Bye Bye Buddy loveys combine the cuteness of a stuffed animal with the comfort of a blanket. Your baby or toddler can squeeze, cuddle, and pet the lovey for instant reassurance.

While you can’t be with your child at every moment, a lovey can. If you take a family trip, bringing the lovey along can help your child feel protected by a familiar friend. And if your child is over a year old, letting them keep their lovey nearby can help them ease into sleep on their own.

2. A Lovey Soothes Discomfort

Another reason it’s important to introduce a lovey to your child is to soothe their discomfort. Little ones go through a lot of mental and physical developments quickly, and the world is a vast, new place. At times, your child will experience emotional or physical discomfort; your child’s lovey can help them feel more comfortable through these challenges.

Knotty Friend loveys from Bunnies by the Bay feature friendly animals, such as a bunny or lamb, and they are perfect for helping your child through teething. Your little one can chew on the soft, knotted arms and legs to soothe teething discomfort.

3. A Lovey Develops Your Child’s Social Skills

Finally, when you introduce your child to a lovey, you help them make a friend. Playtime is an essential process for child development, and a lovey can be one of your child’s most important tools for developing social and motor skills.

A young baby can babble through conversations with a lovey and practice listening and responding with empathy. Additionally, squeezing, carrying, and caring for the lovey helps develop your child’s dexterity and coordination.

Pick a Lovey Friend Today

Find your child a special friend with Bunnies by the Bay. Create a personalized lovey by adding a custom embroidered message. We make our adorable loveys from soft, baby-safe fabrics that kids love to hold—choose your child’s lovey today.

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