What Should Godparents Give as a Christening Gift?

A christening is an important day in a family’s life. As the godparent to the christened child, you are an important extension of that family. You will offer spiritual support for the baby as they grow, but you also have an excuse to love and spoil this little one too. One of the best ways to start spoiling your godchild is with a christening gift. We have some ideas for what godparents should give on this special occasion.

Christening Gown or Suit

Godparents who like to give gifts early can gift the baby and their family a new christening gown or suit. A high-quality christening outfit can become a family heirloom that this young one can pass down for generations to come. Choosing the right material and design will create a unique bond between you and the baby, as they will one day appreciate the thought and effort you’ve put into finding the perfect outfit.

Baby’s First Bible

A kid-friendly Bible is an excellent christening gift that will allow the child to grow in their faith as they grow old enough to appreciate the pictures and text. It also allows you, as the godparent, or other religious people in the baby’s life to read something important to the child as you bond. Make sure you select a Bible with engaging illustrations and simplified text tailored for younger readers.

Personalized Toy

Many christening presents focus on the baby and the faith they will grow into. However, you can give them a present they’ll appreciate now and keep for a long time, such as a personalized toy. You can order one with their name and christening date on it, so they’ll grow up and remember this day and the joy it brings. This gesture will show that you care not only about their spiritual journey but also about their current needs as a child, making the gift even more special.

Keepsake Box

A keepsake box made from sturdy materials such as ceramic or metal is a great gift for the baby and parents. While it’s not as immediately fun as the toy, parents can use this box to store special memories from the christening, such as the outfit, cards, and other important items. As the child grows, the box can hold other meaningful belongings, creating a beautiful collection of memories tied to their faith and family.

While there are nearly endless options for what godparents could give as a christening gift, these ideas are some of the most practical and fun. Bunnies by the Bay proudly offers personalized gifts for boys and girls so you can focus on the fun first. We highly recommend our sheep toys because of their Biblical imagery, but we have other stuffed animals and lovies that will delight your godchild just as much.

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