Printable Baby Shower Games That Are Fun for Everyone

Not all baby shower activities are fun. Guessing the size of the mom-to-be’s belly can be embarrassing for her and awkward for everyone else. Any of several games that involve adults eating baby food are terrible for everyone involved. And let’s not get started on the melted candy bar in a diaper.

Baby Shower Games and Gifts

Fortunately, we’re here to provide you with some baby shower activity printables that are actually fun, and offer support to the new parents at the same time! After all, that’s what baby showers are supposed to be all about, right?

Once you download these printables, just print out a copy for each guest, and let the games begin!

Baby Predictions and Parenting Advice

This page gives guests the opportunity to make predictions about the coming baby, including the date and time of birth, the baby’s weight, and more! What fun to find out how close your predictions were after the baby is born.

The bottom of the page has several lines where guests can offer any advice they have for the new parents. Since baby showers are often (but not always!) reserved for a first child, these new parents will certainly appreciate any advice they can get! Raising a baby is difficult work, and community support is important. Why not start that support before the baby is born?

Baby Shower Predictions Game

Blossom Bunny Collection Theme Example

Baby Animal Match Up

The only thing as cute as babies are baby animals! This is a fun game that even kids (if you have children as guests at your shower) can participate in! All you have to do is match up the animal with their baby! If you want to spice things up, you could run this game as a timed activity, making the one who finishes first the winner!

Baby Shower Baby Animal Match-Up Game

Camp Cricket Woodland Theme Example

Baby Gift Bingo 

This page contains a bingo grid! The great part is, you get to fill it in! Fill in the squares with gifts that you think the mother-to-be will receive at her shower, and then mark them off as she opens her presents! First to get a row and shout “bingo!” wins! You could also play a blackout round! It’s bingo and a guessing game in one!

This activity is the perfect way to prevent the gift opening portion of the baby shower from dragging on; it makes it a kind of group activity by engaging your guests!

Baby Shower Baby Bingo Game

Bloom Bunny Collection Gender-Neutral Theme Example

Who Knows Mom-to-Be Best?

This page has a list of questions about the mom-to-be. Guests fill them out, and whoever gets the most right wins! You might be surprised at what you don’t know about her.

This is a fun way to focus on the mother-to-be without making her feel too awkward about it; in fact, guests can fill this out on their own time throughout the shower instead of having a specific time to do it while the mom-to-be waits awkwardly for the activity to be over.

Baby Shower - Who Knows Mom Best Game

Little Sunshine Collection of Gender-Neutral Theme Example

Home Scavenger Hunt

This page includes a list of household items, each with a value in points. It’s a scavenger hunt! Guests simply look around the house for the things on the list; once they find them, they can check them off! After the hunt is over, they tally up the points and whoever has the most points wins! Keep in mind, the items that give more points are harder to find!

This activity is perfect for online baby showers, where guests can search their own homes for the objects!

Baby Shower - Home Scavenger Hunt Game

Bud Bunny Collection Theme Example

These are some really great activities, whether your shower is in person or online! And nobody has to eat any baby food! 

What’s really great is that these printable pages come with the same sweet design and adorable illustrations that you’ve come to expect from Bunnies by the Bay in all of our favorite Cricket Island Collections. Whether you are having a Sea Life theme, or a Classic Baby Bee theme, there is most certainly a design that is perfect for you! 

Find the Perfect Theme of Baby Shower Game Pintables Here

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