Outdoor Easter Activities

According to the CDC, if you’re going to spend time around people outside your own household, outside is the safer choice! So if you’re having an Easter gathering, planning some outdoor activities seems like the best choice. With Easter heralding the beginning of spring, activities in the outdoors are a great way to welcome spring’s promise, and a great way to get some warm sunshine after those cold winter days. Here are some Easter activities for kids to do outside to celebrate Easter. Remember that it’s safest to wear masks and social distance even when outside.

Bunny Hop Sack Race

Kids Doing Bunny Hop Sack Race

This is a classic Easter activity! It puts a twist on a regular footrace by putting the racers in a sack so they can just hop, like a bunny! Just get some big sacks (a local coffee roaster or feed store might have some sacks that are perfect!), big enough for your kids to stand in. Set up a starting line and a finish line, and have the contestants bunny-hop their way to victory! You can even hand out a small prize to the winner of the race, raising the stakes!

Egg Roll

If you have a hill handy, an Easter Egg Roll is a great outdoor activity. Each participant uses a decorated Easter egg (so you can tell the difference between the eggs!), so get out that egg dye and let your kids get creative! Once the eggs are decorated and dry, find a nice slope and roll your Easter eggs down the hill. You can set up a finish line and declare the first egg to cross the winner, or you can give the prize to the egg that rolls the farthest! This can be done on a flat surface with a little extra push. To switch it up, have contestants get down on the ground and push the egg across the ground with their noses! No other body parts allowed!


Egg Spoon Race

Family Doing Egg Spoon Race

Another silly race! All you need is spoons and eggs, one of each for every participant. Set up a starting line and a finish line, and make each contestant balance an egg in their spoon. The goal is to get all the way to the finish line without dropping your egg! Use raw eggs to make those drops more spectacular, or just use wooden eggs to cut down on mess. Whoever gets their egg across the finish line wins! This activity helps to develop physical coordination.

Egg Toss

This is for the brave and daring! Get some eggs, and split the group into pairs. The pairs will toss an egg back and forth until it breaks. Once the egg breaks, that pair is out of the contest! You can raise the difficulty by having the pairs take a step away from each other when someone drops out, making it harder to catch the egg without breaking it! Use boiled eggs for less mess, or raw eggs for a little extra challenge!

Take a Nature Walk

Nature Hike

What better way to welcome the coming spring season than getting out into nature? Little bunnies may not be up to a full blown hike, but a walk in the park will do just fine. Make sure to point out the signs of spring to your kiddos, like mushrooms (look, don’t touch!), early flowers like crocus and daffodil, and the green leaf buds on trees! If the area where you’re walking allows it, let your kids pick some spring flowers. Take in the warm spring sun and get some fresh air, and a chance to learn about nature!

So if you’re trying to social distance at a group gathering, there are lots of things you can do outside to celebrate the Easter holiday. There are options for bunnies of all ages!

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