5 Delightful Ways to Give Comfort for the Holidays

When the holiday season arrives, our thoughts naturally turn to giving gifts to our friends and loved ones. One of the things we can always give to those we care about is the gift of comfort. Merriam Webster defines “comfort” as: “to cause someone to feel less worried, upset, frightened, etc, to give comfort to someone.” What a wonderful gift to give to someone you care about! Here is a short list of gifts that can help someone ease their worries and fears this holiday season.

1. Sweet Loveys for Babies

Babies need comfort often; everything they’re experiencing is new and strange, and that can be unsettling and even frightening! Soft loveys can help babies feel comforted; they’re a constant in a world where everything is new and changing, and their softness and warmth contribute to that feeling of comfort.

Our Buddy Blanket loveys feature a sweet stuffed animal head and arms combined with a lusciously soft blanket body, perfect for helping babies soothe and feel comforted. Their sweet faces are embroidered, making them safe for babies to play with while supervised.

Baby with Lovey

2. Little Stuffed Friends for Toddlers

If you have a little toddler in your life, you know they’re constantly going through changes. Walking, talking, learning; they’re a little bit different every day! While toddlers may seem bubbly and adventurous as they navigate these changes, they still need comfort too.

Toddlers often use soft toys as friends. They use them to practice budding social skills, to work on processing big toddler feelings, and they often use them to act out stressful or scary situations, like doctor’s visits. They may use a treasured lovey for this, or they may use a stuffed animal. 

We have wee stuffed animals that are perfectly sized for toddlers’ small hands. Small enough for them to grasp, carry, and hug, these little friends are the perfect pals for every new adventure. They have embroidered features, so they’re safe for little kids, and they’re soft and cute in a way that invites snuggling and hugging when your little one needs a little bit of comfort. 

Toddler with Stuffed Animal Presents

3. Bigger Kids Love Stuffed Animals, Too

Once your child is out of the toddler phase and starts to move toward things like sleepovers and attending elementary school, they may not use stuffed animals in the same way. That doesn’t mean that they don’t find comfort in them.

As kids start to venture out into the world, they may not want to carry a special stuffed friend or lovey with them anymore, but having a stuffed animal at home can still be a source of comfort. Bigger kids still often hold and hug stuffed animals when they’re upset, or snuggle with them to fall asleep at night. Sized from 8 inches to 20 inches tall, our plush toys are squishy, huggable, and delightfully soft and may be perfect for your kiddo to have in their room, ready for play and cuddles.

Boy with Stuffed Animals

4. Teens and Tweens Like to Snuggle Up

Sometimes, our need for comfort changes as we get older. You may find that your teen or tween doesn’t get the same joy from stuffed toys as they used to when they were younger. They may feel some pressure to leave childish belongings behind as they bridge that gap between childhood and adulthood. But that doesn’t mean that they no longer need soft, comforting things around them.

One thing that teens and tweens can receive comfort from is a soft blanket. Something warm and soft that they can wrap themselves up in like a hug, even when they don’t feel like seeking out a hug from mom or dad. Our Big Cozy Nibble Fur blankets are as soft and soothing as they get, and sized for a teen or even a grown-up! Perfect for wrapping up in while reading or during a study session, they also come in different colors, including soft grey and a warm cream, that will go with any teen’s bedroom decor!

Teenager with Stuffed Animal

5. Adults Need Comfort, Too!

It can sometimes be hard for adults to take time out for a little comfort when we’re all so busy! We have luxuriously soft and warm robes that you can indulge in while you make your morning coffee! They’re made of super soft velour with a sophisticated satin trim, and come with a cute carrot embroidered on the pocket. They’re the perfect way to indulge in a little comfort while you’re getting ready to start your day, or winding down in the evening.

These robes are machine washable for easy care, and they can even be monogrammed for that special touch! It’s a beautiful way to take comfort, and for the moms, there’s even something that matches for baby!

Mom in Robe with Blanket and Baby

As we get older, there’s often the thought that we need to leave the little comforting things behind, but our need for comfort doesn’t go away as we get older! Indulging in comfort relieves stress, improves your health, and can help boost your mood! Give a little comfort this holiday season, and let someone know how much you care.

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