A Brief Guide to Giving Unique Baby Girl Gifts

Someone’s having a precious baby girl! Give a unique, thoughtful gift to welcome her into the world.

Babies are curious and adorable, and they need comforting. Get some ideas for meeting the new baby’s needs with this brief guide to giving unique baby girl gifts.

1. Wearable Blanket

Keep baby warm and comfortable with a soft wearable blanket. Choose a wearable blanket that won’t irritate the newborn’s umbilical cord. Make this gift extra special by coordinating it with matching robes for Mom and Dad.

Our velour Cuddle Me Wearable Blanket comes in soft pink, gray, and white colors and features an embroidered carrot on the chest. It’s easy for parents and other caregivers to slip baby in and out of this cute piece, making it a wardrobe favorite.

2. Lovey

One key point about choosing a unique baby girl gift to give is to combine cute style with practical function. Provide baby girl a sense of security with a comfort object, also called a lovey. Well into toddlerhood, babies need to feel psychologically secure. A comfort object, such as a blanket or toy, helps to soothe baby during unusual situations or at bedtime.

The most common comfort objects are blankets and toys. You can combine these for the ultimate lovey: our Buddy Blanket. The Buddy Blanket features a sweet stuffed animal head and its arms peeping out from a soft blanket. Choose between bunnies, a puppy, and a teddy bear design for a gift she’ll love for a long time.

3. Teether Toy

Babies grow so fast—and before you know it, baby girl will be teething! Teething can be stressful for parents because baby’s gums become tender as the teeth come in. You can give a gift that baby will love from the beginning and that the whole household will appreciate at teething time.

Choose a Knotty Friend lovey to be baby girl’s friend before, during, and after teething. Like a Buddy Blankets, a Knotty Friend features a stuffed animal head. But instead of a blanket body, it has a floppy velour body and knotted arms and legs. The baby can chew on these soft knots for comfort, and parents can attach the Knotty Friend to baby’s pacifier to keep it nearby.

Give a Personal Gift

Bunnies by the Bay offers high-quality personalized gifts for girls. Our collection features classically designed animals with gentle features made from soft materials. Embroider your gift to make it uniquely baby girl’s. Shop our collection today.

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