5 Things To Clean After Your Child Gets Sick

Dealing with a sick child will wear out any parent. Between the late-night wake-up calls and frequent check-ins, it will feel like you’re the one fending off a cold or a stomach bug. What makes things worse is all the cleaning you must do. These five things to clean after your child gets sick should be first on your radar.

1) Bedding

Keeping a sick child in their room is the best way to contain the germs. However, after the illness passes and the quarantine period is over, it’s critical not to hesitate to get in there and begin cleaning.

Outside of the mattress itself, you’ll want to grab all bedding items, which include pillowcases, mattress pads, and sheets. It’s also wise to collect and wash your sheets and whatnot, especially if they had to snuggle in your bed at some point.

2) Anything With a Button

You will never realize how many toys your child has until you clean them after their sickness passes. Anything they clench with their cute and delicate hands can collect germs, so you must rid these items of their germs as soon as possible.

Any items with buttons could use a wiping, including the remote control and your phone. Ideally, it would help if you did this as soon as you notice symptoms and immediately after they’re feeling better to ensure these germs stand no chance, thanks to your sanitary efforts.

3) Stuffed Pals

A comfort object can help make your ailing kiddo feel better. Thanks to the power of stuffed animals, your child’s nose will unstuff and their pain will be taken away when they cuddle their collection of lovies. But once those side effects are over, their stuffed friends need a bath.

You can try to reason with your kiddo by telling them their stuffed friends need a bath to prevent them from getting sick if they are stubborn about you taking away their favorite confidant. Hopefully, they will understand and keep their emotions in control when their favorite lovey is away for a few hours.

4) Toothbrush

A toothbrush can be a haven for germs to thrive. You shouldn’t avoid brushing your child’s teeth altogether, but you should try to disinfect the bristled bacteria traps. Cleaning before and after their illness prevents the germs from growing and spreading.

However, replacing the toothbrush entirely works wonders for disinfection. You may even want to do this more regularly (every three to four months) when a strain isn’t running rampant through the house. In the meantime, simply running hot water over the bristles and letting them air dry completely is the best way to combat lingering bacteria.

5) Washing Machine

The most overlooked item to cleanse is the washing machine, which is responsible for acting as an antiseptic. Don’t forget to run a cycle of hot water after you wash everything to kill any bacteria hanging on by a thread. It could attach itself to clean clothes if it lingers, inflicting the next person who comes across it.

Always remember these five things to clean after your child gets sick. Otherwise, their illness could spread throughout the house, making it a rough few weeks for everyone involved. You can help your little one feel better when they’re fighting off a cold with a collection of soft stuffed animals and lovies by Bunnies by the Bay, but remember to wash them after!

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