5 Dos and Don’ts for First-Time Grandparents

Congratulations on becoming a grandparent! Bonding with your grandbaby will bring you new levels of joy, wonder, and love. Keep the peace and support the new parents with these five dos and don’ts for first-time grandparents.

Do: Support the Parents’ Decisions

Everyone parents differently, and all parents must make their own decisions and learn their own lessons about parenthood. Follow their lead when it comes to taking care of the baby. They will learn and grow, and you can avoid unnecessary and unhelpful stress.

Don’t: Give Unsolicited Advice

Though your experiences have given you so much wisdom, share your insight only when it’s asked for. Unsolicited parenting advice can feel like judgement, and even well-intentioned guidance can backfire. To offer the greatest benefit, share your recommendations with the parents when they ask.

Do: Offer To Help Out

The next thing for first-time grandparents to do is offer to help. Ask the parents what they would like help with or offer your help directly. You can cook a meal, clean, run errands, or watch the baby as the parents take a much-needed nap. Doing chores and helping with childcare is one of the greatest ways you can support this little family.

Don’t: Buy a Lot of Baby “Stuff”

You might feel excited to buy baby equipment, clothes, and toys. These items can help the parents out a lot, but as with the other tips on this list, get the parents’ feedback before buying anything. The new parents might already own the item or have a specific version in mind. You can give items the family appreciates and avoid adding to clutter by talking the parents before shopping.

Do: Bond With Your Grandchild

Finally, growing your relationship with your grandchild is the best part of being a grandparent. Cuddling, reading, singing, and talking to the baby can help you develop a special bond. As your grandchild grows, you can pursue new interests together.

By following these dos and don’ts for first-time grandparents, you’ll cultivate a strong and respectful relationship between yourself and the parents. Ultimately, this helps your grandbaby get the love and care they need.

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